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Not Hitting Clean Number in Built for Battle

Hi coach, I’m in the third week of Built for Battle and during week 2 and 3 now on the Fri I’m only hitting my 3RM for 1 on the clean, never mind the 105% and 110%. All other lifts being hit and progressing. Should the cleans be continuous or should I drop them on every rep to reset? I’ve been doing continuous but I feel like the lowering may be fatiguing me more.

Olympic lifts are highly dependant on power and technique as well as strength while the other lifts are dependant almost exclusively on strength.

It is not unusual for power cleans to not progress at the same rate because you might not be gaining strength fast enough to reach the proper level of acceleration to complete the lift. Simply go lighter, that is not an issue. In real life I rarely use predictive percentages. I use them in articles to illustrate a concept and give a broad idea of the load to use.