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Not Hitting Calories, Not Hungry Though

So currently trying to lose some weight so I’m eating under maintenance, however my hunger just hasn’t been there. I’ve been consistently eating 500-600 calories below my target and have only had one day this last month where I was just really hungry all day no matter how much I ate.

I’m also not sedentary. I work in farming and while a lot of it is mechanized, there is still a lot of moving around and random manual labor. Plus three nights in the gym and taking the dog for a walk every night after dinner.

The only thing I can even hypothesis is that I’m eating a lot of offal and bone broth, both of which are extremely dense in micronutrients. Because of this, even though my calories and macros are below their targets, my body is getting so many nutrients that it just doesn’t need me to eat more…but who knows.

Is this a situation where I should just listen to my body and wait until my body is telling me to eat more or I am experiencing negative symptoms/performance or should I be forcing those remaining calories down in order to hit the targets?

If you are getting stronger and leaner and not feeling worn down then don’t worry.

In my experience using a diet more densely loaded in micronutrients will cause you to be full more easily. As long as you’re not experiencing any serious negative symptoms I wouldn’t worry about it, in fact I would welcome it.