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Not Having Good Results on TRT


-I'm 26
-6ft 1nch
-Now 38-40 waist
-Around 270lbs. Up 20ish since trt
-Can grow full beard no patches
-Body hair- not many places without hair if that's sums it up
* I've always been a heavier kid, but with a larger frame and carried quite a bit of muscle mass just not lean.
Never went to doctor as kid so no blood work growing up. Starting 8th grade I started lifting weights off and on through high school and after. Always struggled to lose weight regardless of diet/ workout regimen.
At around the age of 23 I really decided to get after it. Keep in mind I workout of town doing construction so I'm active 10-12 hrs a day then was at the gym for a few hours everyday.

 4 months into I tried some t boosters and it seemed to greatly improve results, stamina, energy,mood you name it.  Then stupidly I did a cycle of helladrol prohormone along with your common support supps during, and a otc pct used a lot on elite fitness.com.   I was able to get weight down to 205 all and and very lean for me.  Decided to get back up to 218 which was perfect for me( semi 4 pack abs , striations between pecs, vascular etc).   Libido was very good as well.

I ended up injuring my elbow, then my back as well before the elbow healed. Wasn't working out as much and got back to where I was around 250lbs This last year I've been eating like before/ working out with hardly any results. Which led me back to thinking about the test boosters and when my fat loss/ muscle gain started happening before. Went in for blood work for first time with my primary doc. Came back with low t levels. I couldn't help but ponder if maybe for a long time my testosterone was low and the pills raising it greatly benefited my results etc.

  Doc prescribed the androgel which I didn't fill at the time because I wasn't comfortable with him not discussing why it was low other than "it just happens to some" also he didn't check much else such as estogen levels etc.

Ended up going to a endocrinologist which was a waste of time and money for me being all that the doctor kept referring to was he thinks I just came off a steroid cycle a few weeks before coming in. Also thinking possible hemochromatosis but didn't wanna look into that for another 6 months due to just getting off "androgens".( was over a yr since the prohormone cycle).
After a while I ended up going to a trt clinic thinking they would be more up to date in hormone therapy.... That theory was wrong so far cause here I am hoping for some great help from y'all.
The symptoms that had me start looking into all this was the usual brain fog, inability to make gains in the gym, low libido/energy, poor erection quality, joints starting to hurt all over,temp. Fluctuations, just all in all very poor quality of living...

-the Otc supplements I'm on are
Multi vitamins,
Fish oil,
Coconut oil
Vitamin E
Aloe Vera pills
Vitamin D pills( last 4 months)
Iodoral(last 2-3 months)
Selenium combo pill
Protein shakes
Just started zma with tribulus a week ago(considering stopping)
I've been on trt 5-7 months. To be honest I'm unsure when I started....

--Current trt protocol --
70mg e3d subQ
Hcg about 1000 iu a week. 500iu e3d subQ
Anastrozol .25 e3d
The protocol I'm currently doing I've changed around without doc knowing besides total weekly dosage.
Doc was wanting once weekly intramuscular even after I asked about splitting and subQ from reading on here. Finally got doctor to agree on splitting the hcg dose due to it giving me nipple pains. Even though E2 never was high I asked for anazstrole to see if it would help with nipple pains after hcg. Before trt it was in single digits so maybe I'm estrogen sensitive

I due recall somewhere between the age of 18-20 my testicles were aching for several weeks but then I couldn't afford doctors.   
Morning wood before my prohormone time period and Tboosters were hit and miss never everyday and the quality of it would vary greatly.    During the boosters etc I was actually getting them quite often to where I would have to lay in bed after awakening for it to go down before walking around in front of work roommate at hotel haha. (Woulda been awkward).   Since starting trt and the several diff protocols and dosages it hasn't ever really came back.   When I first started adex/upping test c from 125 to 150 it was coming back at id say 75% hardness?   The Last month to month half it's gone down hill quite a bit to around 30-40% hardness.    Even erections aren't fully hard anymore which is really starting to get to me. At best lately it's 65%hard?!


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Need lab work with ranges:
LH/FSH should have been done before TRT, too late now
fasting cholesterol
fasting glucose
AM cortisol
fT4 [please not T3, T4]

What are your body temperatures? See the thyroid basics sticky.

Are you self-injecting T twice a week?


after my doctors results of low T I decided to try the otc testosterone booster I had used before to see if it would come up/symptoms improve. These results are a week after last pill I believe.( I will post the initial blood work prior to this if I can find them when I go home this weekend sorry )


Pg 2 of 4/11/14 blood work


Blood work a few weeks later 5/2/14


Pg 2 of 5/2/14 bloodwork


24 hour cortisol saliva test


Blood test after being on d aspartic acid for 1.5 months


Pg 2 10-1-14


Bloodwork before starting trt at the anti aging clinic


Pg 2 from 11/7/14 blood work


Latest blood work on 70 mg e3d test cyp
500 is e3d hcg
Anastrozol. .25mg e3d


Bloodwork4/13/15 pg 2


Pg 3 4/13/15


Pg 4. 4/13/15



Yes I’m injecting e3d subq, and as far as the body temperatures yes I’ve taken them in the past due to me reading some of your threads about it. They were low for a while. Sometimes starting low 96’s in the am then only getting to high 97’s through the day. Since then I’ve been supplementing with iodoral pills. At first I was taking between 25-50 mg a day. Now it’s 12.5mg most days. Last time I checked temp’s they were starting in the 97’s and reaching into the 98’s. I will start checking again for “exact temps” again.

  I'd like to apologize with the gap In TRT bloodwork.  There are more test that were drawn from docs if I can find them when I get home from outta town work.   The ones posted are the ones I purchased on my own so they were saved in there databases.

The reason I’m here is the constant fatigue and low low libido I’m suffering with still. Then secondly the weight gain that’s happened since starting (20 something lbs) and hurting joints.
The last test as well as all my tests show low cholesterol. I haven’t had any luck in budging them upwards… Any advice? Also my pregnolone is low I believe. Could that be why the last monthish has been worse out of all months on TRT?


Started taking body temps again.

Around 515 am it’s been between 95.7-96.8
Around 530-700 pm it’s only been getting up between 97.2-97.8 so far??


Any advise and or pinion would be greatly appreciated