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Not Happy with My TRT Provider

Hi, I’ve been on TRT therapy for about s year and a half and am not happy with the company I am using I feel like I don’t get any guidance at all and when I ask questions like concerns over soft erections or feeling lethargic they have no answers but just only want to talk when it’s time to reorder. Any input would be appreciated. I’m still having soft erection issues and take Ed meds which help but thought I would see better results from the TRT therapy

Latest blood work?

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Defy Medical has a great reputation and they do remote consults. Have you considered switching?

Feeling tired and soft erections are usually signs of high E2. Notice how I said “usually”. Because symptoms are not definitive, you need labs to really see what’s going on.

You could give us your protocol also.

Hey Guys, I’m 34 and after years of battling NHS finally started treatment last month by going private.

I’d like to tag into this thread with s different supplier issue. My TRT is expensive £170pm and essentially the provider (BMH) , while being very friendly, is just a middleman taking a substantial cut.

I’d like to find a UK pharmacy that can supply me directly with the prescription I received from a private doctor. Rosewood labs can do it but they supply my provider so they have signed an agreement not to poach their clients (fair enough) - so I need to find an alternative.

Been struggling to find a pharmacy on google but they obviously exist - can anyone advise some pharmacies I should reach out to ?
Also ball Park costs would be handy too please

Treatment plan below for Hypothyroidism and primary hypogonadism

Gonasi 2000 HCG - 250ui x2 per week
Sustanon 250. 5ml/5days (meant to throw the other 5ml from the ampule away each time) - Any issues just transferring into a vial?

Thanks a lot for the advice guys - been stalking this forum heavily over this past year!

There’s no need to throw 0.5ml away, pre fill another syringe with the other half and wrap it in cling film. That would halve the cost of T.
I can’t help you in other areas. Perhaps a phone call to the Ledger Clinic in Doncaster and tell them your situation.

So as far as my labs I am due for new but the most recent my total T was 910 my free was 22.6, FSH 1.1, SHBG 28.4 I have no issues with diabetes my cholesterol is perfect and overall health is pretty good other than having an appendectomy five weeks ago and I am under a lot of stress during tax season. I currently take 100 once a week and 35 of HCG twice a week. I also am taking Arimidex three times a week. In addition he has me taking 20ml shots of Ipamoralin five nights per week. So that’s my regimen and

Who do you use?

This does not sound bad. Why are you unhappy? Oh you did mean 350 x2/wk right, not 35?

Thanks For the assurance on saving the other half - seems stupid to throw half of it away. Reminds me of the ‘rinse-and-repeat’ line shampoo salespeople use to make you run out of product faster!

Ok I didn’t even know there was a lab in Doncaster I could speak to I’ll check it out

Yes that’s correct on the HCG. I’m not happy because as I’ve tried to ask questions such as soft erections and the person I speak with is a patient coordinator who has no idea why there is an issue but just wants to sell me Viagra. That’s his only solution nothing to do with my regimen just sell more products

Go to YouTube and find the lifting dermatologist . He has a video on how to get Trt in Europe. NHS is uk right?

Find that video and you’ll find better suppliers and docs.

@enackers Hi, I’ve been reading some of your posts regarding scrotal creams and was wondering if that may be a better solution for me. I feel like the last year and half have been a roller coaster trying to educate myself as well as trying to get my estrogen levels right that perhaps this may be a better approach

I have been on TRT for over 5 years and it has done nothing for my ED. It sends my libido thru the roof if I don’t watch my dose but nothing for a soft dick or the lose of mind to dick connection.

And Core medical is my current provider

Thanks for this man. I’m having a look now…looks like this guy does a bunch of videos!
I guess I should have specified, i was looking for injectable (I’m on sustanon and was planning to pursue the same prescription) Seems to be easier to find creams from what I’m seeing ?

Really? This would suck to the nth degree. Have you tried Masteron?

That would up his libido, but probably not affect his ED at all. Talk about frustrating yourself.

I’m not sure about that. There is literature about DHT positively affecting nitrogen and its impacts on erection quality.

I’ve been paying attention to what he posts about TRT and blasting. I wouldn’t hold out much hope for mast doing anything special.