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Not Happy With my Biosignature Feedback


I have just had my biosignature done. The only feedback that I got was that I need more sleep due to high cortisol levels. i don't really know how to interpret the results. What recommendations would you make with the following results:

Chin: 6.9
Cheek: 8.9
Pec: 10.2
Triceps: 10.4
Sub-scap: 12
Mid-ax: 16
Supra-iliac: 26.2
Umbillical: 24
Knee: 16.8
Calf: 8.3
Quad: 14
Hamstring: 22

Bodyfat %: 20.9
Mass: 77kg
Lean Mass: 60.5kg
Height: 175cm
Age: 27


There is nothing to interpret. It's a scam. Did they take blood?


You had your measurements done by someone that is certified to do biosignature but they were unable to tell you what they correlate to? They didn't follow through and give you any other advice or explain why? Might want to check again with the person who did it or find someone with more knowledge in Biosignature.


Biosignature is NOT a scam and most who think it is are too dumb/lazy to learn and understand the concept fully. It is a great TOOL to use with clients but like with everything it anyone can do a coarse or study and become qualified in whatever, BUT may not have a clue as to how to use the information.

Looking at your Bio Signature BRIEFLY I would say that you
1. have issues with cortisol/insulin see saw meaning unstable blood sugar and maybe not enough frequent meals?
2. Have issue eliminating estrogen hence the high hamstring folds which are also leading to aromatisation(high pec)
3. Low testosterone hence high tricep.
4. You MAY have some toxicity...well everyone will, but you might have more than most.
5. Your liver health may not be optimal.

Not sure why he drew such a short conclusion, but GH is not an issue compared to the rest IMHO.

This is not in any particular order btw,
PM me if you want some info, but it would be unfair to give you any more info for free.



How can you definitively say his cortisol was low when it wasn't measured? Same thing with tesosterone.

What does "toxicity" even mean?

OP, for real, you did get scammed because this method is way too simplistic. The only benefit may be that you can follow your skin folds as you try to get leaner.

As far as one part of your body correlating to a particular hormone, that is simply not true. Convenient how this system for which you pay and is heavily marketed makes it seem that way, though, huh?


I would drop overall fat before considering getting a biosignature again if I was you. Since almost every skinfold you have are over 10mm, its much harder to determine what are your problems.