Not Getting Stronger

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All of these overly simple workout programs have created alot of this.

Sure a program of squats, deads, bench presses, cleans and presses will work fantastic for most people, especially teenage guys.

However, these programs make a huge assumption.

#1- that everyone’s body works well enough, initially to perform these lifts


#2- someone who either wasn’t performing the exercises properly, or couldnt perform them properly would know.

There are reasons strength coaches are employed. I would say the average teenage boy is not going to have the ability/knowhow to perform a deadlift or squat good enough to progress on even after reading all the in depth information in Starting Strength. It will probably take ALOT of trial and error. Id post some vids of your squat and deadlift so we can see if your even close to doing them correctly, which I highly doubt.

i didnt teach myself how to squat or deadlift, my brother taught me how to properly do the lifts[/quote]

Oh your brother taught you… ok then nevermind. Unless your brother is Charles Poliquin I’m going to go with you not knowing how to do the lifts properly first before I start looking at other problems.[/quote]


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Also, the program you are doing is atrocious, both for strength and for building muscle… just fyi[/quote]

Can you explain why you dislike the program so much? I understand that it’s not perfect. But why is it atrocious?

There aren’t many carb sources in your diet. What is the thinking behind that?

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okay thanks for the input guys.

i understand that its as simple as putting more protein in my mouth, but the only two times that im eating cooked meat is when im home which is in the morning and at dinner times and during those 2 times im eating exactly that.

so should i be drinking more protein shakes, or what kinds of tips/techniques can i go from here[/quote]

Force yourself to eat more. Work out harder. the harder you workout the more of an appetite youre gonna have. I struggled to put away 150 grams protein and 3000 calories a day when i started, i forced myself to try though and after a while 300 grams of protein and 4000-5000 calories a day was a peace of cake.