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Not Getting Hungry on Diet


         ive been doing a very low carb diet lately, less than 30 grams a day. because of my recent bulk from 190 to 250 because of some meds i was on. it took about 3 months to get that fat on these medications. when i was thinner and dieting i was hungry all the time and always getting leaner it seemed. but now im stuck. i made the cut from 250-230 relatively quickly, but the cut from230-220 was hard.... now im stuck-here at 220 and i am never feeling hungry AT ALL.

no matter how much i restrict calories, or how much cardio i do. I am fucking scared. ive been a yoyo dieter for years, "used to weigh 300" and now im afraid im fucked up in some way.

im goign to try to add fat burners this week to see how things go. and ive thought of throwing in carb cycling to possible help, but im afraid im not lean enough yet.
im a moron, plz help lol


low carb? so high protein and fat? i also find this system satiating


Not feeling hungry is a good thing.

cut calories to less than you expend
get enough protein
keep training
stick with it for a week or two and measure the results

If you've done this and still have problems, post more details on your diet (including adding up calories and macros) and your activity.


thank you man, i will do so,
i started doing some cardio yesterday, and ive noticed a change in the mirror...ive just never been so not hungry before on a diet.


for the most part yes.

i eat about 200 grams of protien a day, and about 50-60 grams of fat.
i try to get the balance between saturated fats and good fats down, but its a bit of a challenge.
i also eat mostly green fibrous vegatables like spinach , broccoli, and any others i can get my hands on.


ive also considered that this just might be a so called metabolic slowdown that ive read so much about. ive just never experienced one like this. id got from 195 to 210 quickly , but then clean it up and the fat would melt off fast. i suppose a gain of 50lbs or more has an effect on insulin and metabolism to a greater extent than a mere10-20 lb gain.

oh well, im adhering to the program and will see what comes of it in another week or so.


You should not go below ~1600 cals a day, for an average joe. For someone bigger, probably closer to 2000 cals. That will put your body in starvation mode - metabolic slowdown will occur and then losing the gut will get harder and harder.

You should be snacking a lot, if you can handle it (i.e. don't binge whenever you have something to snack on). Having food in the gut speeds up metabolism. Eat stuff like carrots, celery, broccoli, and nuts (in smaller amounts as they're pretty calorie dense).


So, basically protein has been the dominant macro nutrient in your diet... like above 60%?



i usually dont add in carbs till im around or under 10%
it allways worked for me before. ive never had to change it
im not the most experienced when doing things by the book. i learned how my body reacted and did in accordance with that.


I don't have any science to back this up, but I think a lot of hunger sensations (for me at least) tend to be psychological. During periods of bulking, going to maintenance or cutting, I had a hell of a time controlling my appetite even when my activity level decreased. After time though I felt like my mind-stomach connection (LOL) found equilibrium and adjusted to my new level of intake. This may be the case for you as well. As long your getting the macros you need, why worry?


i have suspected precisely what you just outlined. the mental connection.
it seems as though my levels of hunger are slowly improving. my gut might have taken a hit from all the reeces i was eating in those months. i wasn't craping for a while but now i am with a vengence, and my hunger and appetite are slightly improving.
chad waterberry had mentioned something about a healthy gut and how that can effect fat loss and metabolism. maybe that has had something to do with it as well. i dont know, i can only speculate. but i know last year when id get a megadose of fiber, it seemed my fat burning and metabolism sped up fast. interesting how the more we experiment , the more we learn what these guys are saying is really quite true. i have to say this website is possibly the best source of info on these subjects ive ever come across period.


enjoy it while it lasts


whats that supposed to mean...