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Not Getting Great Results After 7 Weeks of Primo

I take 100mg EOD of primo but i’m not quite getting the results i would think i should after almost 7 weeks. Should i stack it with something for fat loss and lean muscle mass or whats a normal primo cycle to stay on for a exteneded period of time? I’m basically trying to stay under 10% body fat and not be dehydrated like from winny. I was thinking maybe 100mg once a week of Sustanon to go with the Primo. What do you guys think?

Wait. You’re doing a primo-only cycle? Without any test?


basically yeah. Thats not good or…???

300mg of Primo weekly isn’t very much, and 7 weeks isn’t that much time, oh and you’re taking it alone… recipe for lack of gains. That’s all assuming your primo is real.

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if you had access to primo and sus what would you take?

Both, as much as possible(within reason), at least 550mg total per week. 250 mg Sus, 300 Primo.

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Well, you now have zero testosterone and your estradiol is probably in the teens, so I would say that’s the reason you’re not seeing any gains. You need those things to build muscle.


Primo is noted for quality, long lasting gains in lean muscle tissue. Results usually take a bit longer than common bulking steroids, at 7 weeks your probably only just starting to see the benefits.

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So here’s the million dollar question for me… HOW do i does per week? Can i mix the sus and primo in the same shot? EOD? I have access to enough product that it isn’t an issue with how much i can use, besides the fact that I don’t want to over do it one way or the other and I want to be safe about it. What would you guys suggest?

ok at 250/300mg a wee sus/primo how should the shots be divided up? Can i do it all at once? Break it into 2 shots? Small shots EOD? I feel like I could do 150/250 primo/sus 2x a week on the supply I have. I don’t want to overdo it, i just want to stay healthy, lean and be able to recover well as i creeep into my 40’s .

Thank you guys

If you run it long enough then 250/300 test/primo could work for your goals. It won’t be dramatic, but you can still do a lot with lower doses if your diet and programming are good.

Sustanon is the worst of all worlds when it comes to testosterone, but it remains hugely popular for reasons passing comprehension. The issue is the shorter ester demands more frequent dosing, and it takes several weeks for the longer esters to catch up. I don’t have the energy to go through a long explanation, but I’ll just say this: if you pin sust twice a week you’re going to have a roller coaster ride (hormonally) for at least the first six weeks or so. Better to try to do it at least three times a week. That’s the minimum I would do. Why don’t you pin the two together at 100mg ea three times a week and see how that goes?


@iron_yuppie How did your recent primo run go for you?

It didn’t. I was going into week four when everything shut down. So I dropped back to trt and have been pretty much out of the game ever since. I plan to start back again here in the next week or so. My gym still isn’t open and their new hours of operation are going to require me to make some adjustments to my schedule.

Sustanon is not the best choice if you cycle, once you take it long enough it will stay in your system for a long time due to the undecanoate ester in the compound. This means it takes a long time for it to clear before PCT will work.

Not too bad if you B&C, but yes it does take a while for you to feel like you have a steady amount in your system.

It is however a good drug for TRT, once you have been on it for a while, to get to stable levels. You only need to inject it every second week, the average TRT guy doesn’t want to inject anymore than is absolutely necessary.

Ah… that sucks my friend. I’m blessed to have a friend who owns a training facility and he gave me access the whole time. My gyms are now open… great state of Florida.

Alright here we go, 100mg primo/sus 3 times a week and i’ll see how it goes for… 4 weeks? I’ll check back in before or around then and let you know. Thank you for taking the time to respond with a educated answer.

Thanks everyone.

Starting to feel more normal day to day. Seeing more fat loss as well. So things are looking good so far.

How long can i do this for, is it ok to stay on cycle for extended periods of time?

Does anyone have homebrew recipes for primo and sus combined or is that a no no?

Too complicated, to be worth doing. Sustanon is a mix of different length testosterone esters, some short for immediate effect, some medium and some long. So you don’t need to inject as often as do primo. You really only need one sus injection per week, but 2-3 for primo, so combining them together doesn’t make sense.

Primo is always referred to as mild because the side effects are so minimal. Remember it’s a drug that was build for the express purpose of minimizing androgenic sides while maximizing the positive attributes of a hormone. You can comfortably run it for a very long time, as long as blood work shows that you’re not stressing your body unnecessarily. If it whacks your lipids after 16 weeks then that’s a good time to bail. If you find that after 16 weeks your numbers all look good and you feel healthy then it’s unlikely adding another four weeks will hurt.

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