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Not Getting DOMS On Certain Body Parts

Just wanted to open a discussion on DOMS and if anyone else doesn’t get DOMS in some muscle groups? Me personally it’s my Delts, no matter what I do I never get DOMS in my delts… anyone else?

Forearms + Upper Traps probably. They are used to working so much in and out the gym in daily life and recover so quick that they never get DOMS for me.

My delts get kinda sore after a high volume + drop set kinda day.

Tbh I don’t get proper DOMS anywhere and haven’t for a long time. Bit of tightness maybe and bit tender on stretch but that’s about it. The body adapts to that shit real quick especially with a decent frequency.

Yeah my forearms and triceps get DOMS a fair enough, traps have too lately but that’s mostly down to getting back into deadlifts

i dont get doms in my lower back. if i push my lower back hard it gets cranky alright but it doesnt feel like doms. peculiar enough i get doms in my feet after dead lift and squats.

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there is a theory that you are more likely to get DOMS in body parts which are tighter than others. Holds true in my case; my pecs and hamstrings are tighter than snare drums and I get DOMS in both of those every time I train them and always have

Just for consideration, DOMS is not necessarily indicative of having a productive workout or muscle growth. I rarely get sore anymore, sometimes some light soreness on occasion, even after switching exercises and making adjustments I’m consistently pretty free of DOMS, which is kind of the goal. I’m not trying to feel wrecked, sore all day, having trouble walking or going about my normal routine.


Also for consideration:

I’ve found that I am able to be sorer (more sore?) with greater stress/tension (both emotional and physical).

For instance, I am more sore in a muscle group with which I am able to exert greater stress or create greater tension within. This isn’t just a MMC thing – sometimes it’s just the nature of the lift you’re able to perform (i.e. squatting 315 will inevitably create more stress in the muscle than performing a single leg extension with 50 lbs).

However, it also applies to emotional stress.

For instance, I can tell a difference with how sore I become the next day if I had a really stressful day at the office before I trained. For a more extreme example, I was once involved in a car accident on the freeway where the car behind me flipped over and the cops were questioning me as to fault (the guy in front of me slammed on his breaks causing me to do the same, and the guy behind me swerved to miss me, over-corrected and flipped his vehicle). Anyway, I was late to the gym, but hit legs anyway. To this day, that is the most sore my legs have ever been.

I would guess this has something to do with cortisol levels pre-, intra-, and post-training.

All meaning: There could be a large number of things relating to why you don’t get ridiculous DOMS in some places while you do in others. = )

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I get ego DOMs whenever I see myself post pump :pensive:


Yeah i know its not necessary however just curios to see where everyone else gets DOMS if they do get DOMS

I get doms anywhere that gets something new at high enough intensity/volume. Some areas get more than others but I can’t really think of a group that never gets it… perhaps my neck? Lol

I thought this, until Muay Thai Clinch training. I now know that neck DOMS can be brutal!

Thanks, Rob, for making me feel like a failure. :laughing:

I’m wrecked about 3 days a week—the 3 following leg day.

In regards to the OP, everything hurts after the right training for me. Since I started doing my finishers (bottom half/top half/full rep) I’ve been sore anywhere that I use that. 20 rep sets also hurt.

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I’ve rarely gotten DOMS in my shoulders. The only time I ever got them in my rear delts was after some high volume heavy dumbbell rows. The only time I’ve ever gotten them in my lateral delts was after the first time I did the snatch grip press (aka the Klokov Press). I’ve never felt it in them again though.

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