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Not Gaining

My bench has stayed the same for 7 months plus. My workout goes as follows.

Flat bench- which i always do first.
usually get a good warmup and work up to like 280 for 3 reps

incline presses db… work up to 100’s

flys or some other lift.

i dont know why my bench has been stuck for so long and i need to do something to get it over the peak.

any advice?

do you ever try 285x3?

Have you ever tried training with a pause?

Have you ever tried soft touch benching?

Have you ever tried using bands?

Have you ever tried board presses?

Have you ever tried changing your grip for a while?

Have you ever tried chains?

Have you ever tried CT’s methods?

Have you ever tried Westside training?

i think that gives you a few things to go over.

Try switching up your routine, and doing some board presses. Don’t do the same set/rep scheme every workout.

A simple principle: if you do the same thing repetitively, your body will not adapt. Their is no new stimulus for it to adapt to.

all the things floyd said plus…


so you have been doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results… hmmm…

seriously read all you can on west side training

Try CT’s Eight Weeks to Record Bench.

don’t peak up to triples all the time. That may be greater than your 90% of your 1 rep max. Staying above that percentage for longer than 3 weeks will cause you to stagnate or regress.


If I were you I would vary my set/rep scheme, for instance the 55 method. or maybe even 73. You could also give lock-outs and dynamic benching a try.