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not gaining

I’m following the Body for life structure for my workouts. I don’t get as intense as that program recommends but I wonder if I could anyway. I’m 35 and I’m not making the same gains as I was at 31. My bench, curls etc. stay stagnant. I have been handling the same poundages for weeks now and cant progress. Is working a body part twice a week too much? Should I go for once a week at a higher intensity? I have followed a strict diet simmialer to the one in BFL and done cardio and only lost ten lousy pounds in twelve weeks. I’m ready to break free from this chrysalis of weakness and fat.

BFL is good for newbies, but if you’ve been doing this for 4 years (you said your gains were better when you were 31), then you need to GRADUATE! Read T-mag and pick out a workout. I think Ian King’s workout would be good. Pick a diet from T-mag if you no longer wish to follow BFL eating plan. I honestly think you may also want to do food log since BFL’s all-you-can-eat free days can mess it up for you.

You should have a look at some of the information available on this site. Just use the search engine and you’ll find heaps of information about diet and training. Body for Life is good to ease people into exercise, but now that you’ve already been doing it for weeks, maybe you’re ready for something new. The reason why you have been at the same poundages for weeks is probably because your body has adapted to the workout and needs some kind of new stimulus. If your goal is fatloss, you should do a search for Meltdown Training and give that a try. Good luck!

There’s lots of stuff in the FAQ that could help with everything.

The best training results I’ve ever attained occurred in the last 12 weeks, and it was also the time I trained the least. Granted, I took Mag-10, but I gained 30 pounds and a busload of strength training only 3 times per week, each body part once.

I followed the Mag-10 plan for success (2 weeks high intensity training and two weeks recovery training). Although psychologically it’s hard to do “light” workouts for two weeks straight, your body NEEDS the recovery time. I’m willing to bet if you tried this protocol you would break through your plateau.

hm, not too many people here might know what exactly BFL tells you to do, tho there are some here that won that BFL contest and such. Anywho my guess is that you aren’t eating enough. Start a food log, calculate your calories, then upp them thru healthy sources. If you are following BFL and it isn’t working for you… then change, look at t-mag archives and come up with a different plan.

obviously, BFL isn’t working for you, so dump it. I’m not being biased at thinking that BFL and bill philips is a waste of time, just some things work differently than others… i don’t know how familiar you are with this site, but there is a ton of useful diet information. I’ve been doing something similar to the t"-dawg" diet and “steriod diet”… and i’m seeing amazing reults so far ! as far as training goes, just do your body parts once a week with higher intensity. i’m 31, and somewhat been in your shoes.

BFL? HAHAHA!!! BFL too intense? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Dude, get a real workout and diet plan! This site has about 20 of them. Also, by the whiny tone of your message, I can diagnose you from here as having low testosterone. Try Tribex-500 and Mag 10.

Muah ha ha. Finally my turn to NOT be the newbie. I was in your situation. Granted that I am only 20, but I thought that weight training could be an easy, by the book, one way method. I turned to personal trainers, they sucked, so I found BFL and I thought that I had found a “god sent” gift. In a computer class someone referred me to this web-site, and the more I read the “previous issues” section, the more my bubble was bursted. There is NO easy way to this game, and you’ve GOT to do the research. This place is a GREAT place to start. Read Read Read. Sure, start out and occasionally throw Ian King and Poliquin programs in, but learn how to build your own. As for the BFL thing, I quickly stalled out on it too, but it WAS a great tool to get my ass of the couch and get started…