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Not Gaining Any Shoulder Size


I am 6'5 and about 210lbs. I am not a body builder just a regular guy working out and trying to gain some size, espcially on my shoulders.
I've pretty much tried every shoulder exercise but nothing seems to make my shoulders not necessarily wider but just thicker and beefier. Military presses, push presses, side and front raises, behind neck.....almost everything and no results.
Any suggestions on what kind of exercise i could try?
Also, I've read somewhere that taller people should be doing different kind of exercises due to the length of the limbs etc. Is that true?


Did you get stronger on your lifts?

Did your bodyweight go up the three years you have been here?

Do you ever train rear delts?

Do you feel the movements in your delts?

How is the rest of your body responding to training?

Maybe you just have poor delt genetics. 6'5 210 is pretty thing I believe so you prolly just aren't eating enough to grow. More info is needed imo


Yes, i did get stronger on my lifts and i've also been training rear delts. My body weight did go down a little in the past 6 months, i used to be around 220lbs. But once i started boxing it went down. I feel like i am having issues gaining size in my delts but also chest. not sure if this is genetic or maybe i am just not doing the right exercises for my body type/height.


you're 6'5'' and 210lbs. gain weight all over and you'll get bigger shoulders.


Well there are only so many shoulder exercises you can do, ya know? Seems like you tried most of them. Just curious what are some the weights you use on shoulder exercises?


so...you haven't gained any weight, and your muscles haven't gotten bigger? Any idea what the problem might be?


I gained loads of my shoulder size on 5x5. Try standing OHP and aim to increase weight once a week by 2.5kgs. Honestly worked wonders for me, don't bother with isolations.


OH! Most important factor is eating excess cals. IF you get STRONGER AND EAT over maint you WILL gain.


dont bother with isolations? what the shit?


Wendler put agood approach to this in one of his recent spills. Barbell presses, dumbbell side laterals, rear delt raises in a circuit for a number of rounds. Do this a few times a week. On the in between days, do different shoulder movements- turkish getups, seated DB cleans, Arnold presses, stuff like that. Keep the weights lighter but the volume high. Don't be afraid to hit them several times a week. Don't go to failure, but approximate it.

In compound movements, focus on the movement. In isolation movements, focus on the working muscle. For instance, while you may be able to do side laterals with 30lb dumbbells, you're likely activating your traps to do so. So lighten up the weight and focus on keeping traps out of the movement.

First and foremost you need to stabilize your body weight. If it continues to decline, you're not going to miraculously get bigger shoulders. Eat more. When you're absolutely stuffed, wait a few minutes, then eat more.

This topic has been covered a hundred times over on this site. Pick an approach, stick with it for 12 weeks without changing it, pay attention to food consumption, evaluate the results.


How long did you try these things?
How much are you eating?
Do you get a good mind muscle connection?
How much weight did you increase over time?
have any of the heads grown?

Find a side raise that allows you to feel the muscle working. Your delt not your fucking traps. Stop the range of motion short if need be. I don't care if it is cables, DB, machines or your chicks titties, find a lateral raise that lets you feel the muscle working.

Hammer the shit out of thos raises, 8-20 rep sets, varying the weight. Exhaust the shit out of the lateral delt. THEN do your overhead pressing. Then do more raises.

repeat for a couple of years while eating a caloric surplus.

do not listen to this bullshit.



i mean... did anything get bigger? why are you obsessing over your shoulders rather than, say, your legs??

eat dude.


Look at his weight for size, do you really think doing a ton of isolations is best? Compounds are the way to go, especially at his weight - although i do agree lagging parts do need bringing up but i think this may come at a later stage. The plan you set out looks like a good shocker though.

How long have you lifted OP? and i second everyone thats says eat more!!!


You probably just need to focus on weight gain and improving your OHP, INCLINE BENCH & ROWS.

But if you really think your shoulders are lagging search for CT'S hero workout. Always puts a lot of girth on my shoulders.

I would be doing that workout now except my shoulders are too banged up to do upright rows. But if yours are healthy. Go for it.


You sound like someone who has read one too many internet guru articles. You stop posting bullshit like all you need is some stupid 5x5 of BB press for big shoulders, and I'll stop mentioning how it is bullshit.

YOu are giving people awful advice.


Neglecting isolation exercises is one of the dumbest training mistakes I made. Do not be dumb OP.


Anyone putting a size requirement on when someone should be allowed to do certain exercises is a fool.

Op. The delt triad article is very good. Find it. And if you keep losing weight dont expect to grow muscles that are likely to not be a genetic strong point. In fact, expect to get smaller unless you are skilled in retaining muscle mass while losing fat


Holy crap. Avoiding isolation exercises is the dumbest idea of all time next to solar powered flashlights.



To other newbs, TRAIN EVERYTHING.

Leave the dumb shit to the little people.


Someone is going to have to explain this " I'm tall, so X muscle is hard for me".

I'm 6' 3", and I combine big and small exercise, different reps and I eat.