Not for the hardcore:

It’s my senior year in college and I am partying like a rockstar, and trying to maintain anabolism at all other costs, which is clearly difficult. So all outings now currently precede an “anti-catabolic” nightly ritual consisting of the following: 2sc Grow, 1tbsp EFA, to counter the anti-gluconeogenic effects of ethanol; all vitamins I own, including vits E/Selenium, B complex, C (ascorbyl palmitate), beta carotene, and 2 antioxidant complexes. All of which I hope counteracts the free radical incuding effects of alcohol; and some cottage cheese, a few hard boiled eggs (made ahead of time), and 2 Aleve’s. And the following day I sleep as much as possible. Anyone else in a similar boat have any regimens?

Back in the day at Colorado State I used to do something like that. I was never a big drinker but I still liked to take the precautions so I could have a good workout the next day. I skipped the aleve just because who knows what that really does to protein synthesis, probably significantly reduces. I added milk thistle, Tribex and ZMA, plus a scoop of power drive. Remember alcohol lowers testosterone. The power drive will keep you sharp and make you not want to drink as much.

I’m a freshman this year, and i’m not a big drinker at all. But, about 5x’s I drank a little, not much at all. But i always made sure i got a good meal before i went out. Then would have 3 vitC’s before i drank. The hole time i drink tons of water. When im done i take more vit C. Fishoil, another good meal, tons of water and go to bed.

Cut out the aleve, that’s asking for serious liver damage if you drink. Alka-seltzer has asprin, so it’s safer. Take milk thistle. Steve Berardi recommends taking some (no dosage) 4-AD before and after binges. It helps. Vitamin B beforehand helps. Three non-pharmie methods that always help me: take two tablespoons of olive or flax oil, and two charcoal tablets close to when you start drinking, the charcoal will help absorb impurities in the booze and prevent the sour stomach.

I’m definitely in the same boat. Obviously I want to look good and remain healthy, but at the same time, I like to live it up on the weekends. After all, once college is over, I’ll have a lot fewer opportunities to go out and party hard with a bunch of like minded 21 year old hotties. I definitely try to load up on the vitamins (B, C, E, multi) before and after a hard night of boozing. I used to throw down some protein prior, but then I read having protein in your stomach makes it harder to get whacked, in which case it probably enabled me to drink more…not such a good thing. Now, I still take all the vitamins, and eat some before hand, but try to have a big meal after my boozing…a late night run to 711 where I throw down some tuna or turkey subs. Maybe not great for fat loss, but i’m more concerned with staying big. I was thinking it may be a good idea to throw down some androgens after boozing to get the T-levels up as somehow mentiond above…the only problem is that this might serve to further inhibit the bodies own natural T production. I’m not sure, anybody have any feedback on this…

dont eat any carbs on days you are gonna drink. you will get hit a lot sooner and off a lot less alcohol.

uuummm, how bout taking some 4-ad-ec the next day AND some tribex and M… I’m sure that would work.

Hate to see what all that shit looks like coming back up.

Well boozer, I definitely agree on post-party munching, unfortunately it is very hard to have the discipline to come home drunk and muster the ability to cram down some cottage cheese and Grow.
On another note, Why would you take Tribex after drinking?? Doesn’t alcohol lower free testosterone via increased testerone binding globulin? Lower T means less hypothalamic LH inhibition, therefore higher levels of LH. So, indirectly, alcohol enhances LH levels. Isn’t that what Tribex is supposed to do? So what additional benefit would supplementing tribex after drinking do?