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Not Finishing Movies, Rewatch?

I like Will Ferrell. Not ecstatic about him, but I like him. I have a good friend who loves him to death. I think a large portion of his comedy is literally just him acting stupid. I don’t find it very creative, anyone can go around and think about what he would do if he was a dumbass then do it. That’s Will Ferrell’s comedy to me. Most of it I find funny, mind you, but can’t get on board with all the hype he used to have.

He was great in Zoolander and Wedding Crashers. Maybe his style works better for me when the whole movie isn’t centered around it?

Did anyone see Stranger than Fiction? I thought it was good. He strayed from his bread and butter and it was an interesting concept.

One person I wish would get more back to his bread and butter is Jim Carey. I liked Dumb and Dumber 2, but it didn’t have nearly the same affect as the first one.

I think he needs to create a new zany character and go back to his Ace Ventura kind of stuff with a new gimmick. Probably wouldn’t do well, but I need more movies like Ace Ventura in my life. He stopped doing them and transitioned to more serious roles with a side of goofiness that hasn’t really worked for me.