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Not Feeling the Same 3 Months After Cycle

For 10 weeks I was on a cycle of test 250 1ml injection every 4 days
I did take a pct of purus labs recycle
Since the end of my cycle and even the last week of my cycle I haven’t felt the same

My sex drive has fallen and I sometimes feel exhausted and tired even though im getting plenty of sleep
I also have noticed I have a much more negative state of mind and don’t feel so alive and full of energy about things
I have had blood work done and my test levels are normal and all other numbers look good according to the doctor

I havent lost strength in the gym or anything either
Does anyone know what could be my issue and why I’m having these problems

you should’ve used a SERM for your PCT instead of that over the counter garbage


OP, did you get bloodwork before the cycle? any idea what your estrogen and other hormone levels were/are?