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Not Feeling the Pump on BBB


Hey guys!.

I started BBB a few months ago (also the first time i started going to the Gym), growth was great and strength was increasing nicely.

i had to stop for a few weeks because i developed tendinitis i guess from doing curls. now im back into it as of last week.

The thing is, ive only ever felt the Pump during the first day of starting BBB, both the first and second, but i never feel it any more. I exercise about an hour after my breakfast, which is usually a large bowl of museli and lots of water, but arnet these "complex carbs" meant to be the key to the Pump?.

After the gym i dont feel like my muscles are getting as taxed as they should be, even though im almost at failure at the end of each set. It kinda bugs me because i dont feel im getting the results i should. Am i mainly missing something from my pre-workout meal, like more of it? or should i just go straight to 10 bowls of oats :stuck_out_tongue:


Is what you're doing still working?

If it is, who cares if you aren't "feeling" it.


Learn patience.

You have been at it for two months or so and took 2 weeks off.

This game is measured in years.

Where are your protein for your breakfast?

Break it down for us. Height, weight, goals, nutrition, etc


Add more sets. Programs are like a TV guide: you don't have to do exactly what it tells you, it's only a guideline.


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big beyond belief is not a guideline type program. if you are able to do more sets, you're doing it wrong.


Im eating protein straight after workout, bacon slices and eggs.

Im 6', 15.5 st (mostly fat lol) and the goal is to get massive so i chose BBB.

Im only on week one i guess, with 3 sets this week then 5 sets week 3, but at the moment i do feel like i can manage 2 more sets. I am getting stiff in the mornings but that usually clears itself by week 2 then i dont get stiff anymore.

Mabe i need to go OTT to get a pump, and having a pump isnt needed anyway, its just that i've read about bodybuilders gauging their progress from pumps.


like i said, if youre doin it right you should be gassed by the end of your session. did you read the book or just find the routine?

every set is to failure. remember youre supposed to stay in the prescribed rep range. so on your endurance days, if you squat 3 sets to failure in 13-15 range, you should be limping home. week 2 is worse and week three is terrible.

do the program as is. it was built like that for a reason. what are your exercises? are most of your exercises from level 6 and 7?