Not Feeling the Benefits

Essentially, I’ve been on trt for about a year trying different combinations of HCG testosterone and sometimes an ai.
I’ve been going back to the gym to try and clear my mind but when’s i go I’ve found that, not only am I weaker than when I had only 356ng/dl test in my blood with a wildly low free T, I also feel exhausted with a relatively tame workout. Strangely enough, I don’t get the euphoria from working out like I did before trt and haven the felt the well-being factor of trt the whole year I’ve been on it. The only positive I can’t say with certainty is that I have great erections however I still don’t have any sex drive, weird.
Anyway my most recent results are:
E2: 56.1pmol/L range - 41 to 151
TT: 17.9 nmol/L range - 8.46 to 29
FT: 0.493 nmol/L range 0.2 to 0.62
I got this results on:
12.5mg / 0.1ml Testosterone Cypionate daily via subcutaneous injection
100iu / 0.1ml HCG daily via subcutaneous injection
6.25mg Exemestane every 4 days.
Cheers for any insight that may help.

Your E2 is really low and is being suppressed by the Aromasin and is responsible for some of your symptoms. The HCG isn’t for everyone and can cause symptoms as well.

That’s what happens when you suppress estrogen which is needed for libido. I suggest you drop the HCG and AI. The HCG has been known to also affect libido positivity is some while it can kill libido in other men.

You may be choosing between fertility and full size testicles over a strong robust libido using HCG. I have strong but lifeless erections when estrogen is low and need higher levels to regain sensitivity.

I didn’t feel good on SQ, I felt spacy and I prefer IM.

This protocol is terrible.

If you want to stick with daily injections you need to pretty much double your dose. 20-25mg daily. Drop the SubQ and Switch to IM.

Drop everything else (HCG and Exemestane) and do this for 3 months and check in again. I bet you’ll feel way better.


I’ve heard this about subQ too I’ll bare it in mind.

Cheers I’ll give this a try

The IM gives me the mental benefits, I never recommend SQ starting out. If you want to experiment later on after you’re a couple of months in, that’s another story.

Just to give you an idea about how low your estrogen is, I’ve seen men diagnosed with osteoporosis in the low-mid teens.

Exactly what I would have said to do.

Only Test C Bumped up to the above suggested dose. Get ready to finally feel like youre having fun.

Dude, I dont know your SHBG, but this total t is pathetic especially for a man on TRT. You should aim at least 25-28. Just bear in mind I started TRT with natural level of 19nmol/l

And the free t you are seeing considering you are in Europe is most likely direct and is totally useless

Originally I had an SHBG above 50, since trt that’s come down to just above 20 I agree it needs to increase as I have felt less shit on a higher dose problem is I aromatise a lot. Cheers for the advice.