Not Feeling Sore

Is it normal not to become sore after working out and if I’m not sore the following day is there still need for recovery?

Unless it’s a new movement or rep range, I generally don’t feel sore after a workout either. Stick to resting a day or two anyway.

Soreness is NOT a good indicator of how effective a workout was.

Dont seek soreness seek performance. To advance in performance and create an environment in which your body wants/has to adapt and Grow.

Yes, this may have the side effect of soreness (DOMS) but sometimes it may not and yes you still need recovery. Not only your muscles from damage but also glycogen replacement, and other critical nutrients that create the fuel needed. Also your CNS needs time to recover.

As you progress further in training you will also get sore less often.

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Thanks to both of your responses. I have been so impressed with this forum since I been using, and watching it thanks again for your speedy response.

Phill’s comments hit it on the head. Charles Staley has said a few times, something to the effect of, “Soreness is an unintentional side effect of training, not the main goal.”

So, you can have absolutely productive training sessions which leave you feeling fine for the next few days. And you can have torturous workouts that leave you sore for 9 days, and don’t do anything productive for you.

[quote]mini-me wrote:
…if I’m not sore the following day is there still need for recovery?[/quote]

I’d say, even if you feel 100%, give a particular muscle group/movement a full day or 2 before hitting it again. This in-between time is when recovery methods like increased protein/supplementation intake, contrast showers, massages, and certain stretching can be the most important.