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Not Feeling Satiated


Hi Guys

Got a question about satiation. I'll keep it brief but background first:

27 years old, currently 79kg @ 5'9"
Dieted and maintened from January to June through to october for a comp going from 87kg to 72.5kg (fully water and glycogen depeleted)

Meals are twice a day (lunch and dinner/Pwo)

Lunch today was

340g Corned Beef
Big salad of spinach, tomato, pepper, dill pickle
200g Natural Yoghurt
50g Peanuts
Handfull of almonds
About 1400 cals, 110g P, 95g F, 30g carbs

Dinner is usually similar on protein but higher in carbs as opposed to fat. Usually Beef/CHicken/Pork/Fish/ Eggs with loadss of veg and sweet potato with cottage cheese, whey and rice cakes for desert.

Question is:

None of my meals get me to feel satiated....An hour after I ate lunch I felt like I did before hand. My weight is going up so I guess im eating enough/maybe too much. Surely after a 1400 calorie meal of mostly protein and fat I shouldnt be that hungry??

Have I screwed up my hunger signals through prolonged dieting? Is that why I cant feel satisfied unless im well and truely stuffed? Is there good way of changing my hunger perception?

Any thoughts/advice greatly apprecaited



Everyone talks about solid food, but how much are you drinking? Sometimes hunger is due to dehydration.


Well, first people will probably say to eat more. But if you don't want to do that, think about adding more volume to your diet--e.g., just heaping on more salad.

Remember, you're only eating 2800 calories. That's not a whole lot in the first place, and as a 27 yo male, you're probably going to feel hungry.


That'll certainly help short term, but long term I think this will actually only make the situation worse when it actually expands his stomach.


I feel "full" just about never.. if that makes you feel any better :slight_smile:


same. only time im full is post-buffet with plenty of water.

its probably not what you want to hear but just get used to it

2 TBSP of sugar free metamucil can curb my appetite a bit but doesnt get rid of it completely


As far as I can tell I drink plenty, at least 3-4 liters a day not counting any coffees or green teas.


I wish I could fit more in my Salad bowl that I take to work, its actually full.

Its a bit of estimate on the calories Id suggest its possibly a little higher as I havent included a few little extras (like coconut milk in coffee etc.) Like I said my weight is going up probably too quickly.....judging by the scale this morning, although I think I have to take it with a pinch of salt, it reckons I put on 2.5kg since yesterday!


At least im not the only one then lol.

Tough part is im hungry and Im trying to gain mass so i think I should eat but my weight is shooting up with the amount Im already eating. I'd just love for once to think "You know what I've eaten enough." Last time I had a (cheat) cooked breakfast I had:

6 sausages
6 Bacon
5 eggs
4 hash browns
3 slices bread with butter
2 servings baked beans
4 whole grilled tomato

I didnt even notice it, I felt I could have eaten the same again.

Im wondering if, physiologically speaking, something isnt working correctly? Or could it be that there is something missing from my diet so my body is not indicating a satiated signal?


You might try taking the yogurt out of the diet. For what ever reason I've found that it makes me feel hungry shortly after eating it.


I could try but its the same even with non-yoghurt/dairy containing meals. There always seems to be space!


You mentioned you are trying to gain weight, right? So why is this a problem? On the other hand, if you wanted to lean out I would drop the calorie dense foods like nuts in favor or something else like veggies, protein, or a non-dense starch like potatoes. Cutting foods like nuts, or other dense foods like rice, is the first thing I do if I'm trying to get more of a "full" feeling.


may be psychological as well... either way, most the dudes on this website dont feel full unless it's after a "carb up" or "cheat"... If you wanna eat more, train more, and your gains will be muscle instead of fat. That's the beauty of lifting, you can eat yourself stupid.. and thats what your supposed to do. within reason of course


I seem to do the same thign even though i eat way more. I eat 4000 cals a day and feel hungry still. I can down a bowl of 6oz dry weight oatmeal + 300g greek yogurt + 2 tbl spoon PB and then eat some steak and chicken and still not be full. I just never get that signal that i am full.

I just deal with it. I am putting on muscle at a good rate. Slight fat gain. Even thoguh i am hungry all the time this means my hungrer signals are a bit wacky.

PS i eat tons of veggies too so its not an issue of fiber. Just learned this is how my body is


Wait youre trying to gain?

Dude take some of the calories from your meals and have them before bed. Or for breakfast.


Eat more and do a bit of cardio on top of what you normally do.


Take a supplement that will blunt hunger.


Drink 2-3 glasses of water BEFORE eating your meals.

This is really an absurd problem for someone looking to gain weight. And if you cant make time to eat more often, dont complain about being hungry. 2800 calories is not a lot btw.


He's right...2800kcal is a joke..I eat that in one meal. Literally.


I agree with you and it sounds like im bitching about it. I was just wondering why some peoples hunger/satiation signals work and others (like mine) dont. You could tell me dont worry about it/ its just the way it is, but Im just as much interested in the reasons behind things as looking for ways to mitigate the issue.

I know 2800 is not alot (I think its actually a bit higher) but like I said my weight has gone up quite significantly in the last month, it was 82.7kg according to my scales this morning (I'm taking that with a pinch of salt.)

I'll be honest cardio/conditioning as fallen a little by the way-side in favour of lifting. The gym I used to go to regularly had sleds, a prowler, yokes and farmers walks so conditioning was interesting. Since moving back to a commercial gym without access to this stuff its been easy to let it go.

Thanks for your reply



Its a small problem in the grand scale of things and I understand many people struggle to actually be able to consume enough so maybe in that sense im lucky.

I just dont want to race back up to where I was at the start of the year without much to show for it thats all.


I think you're probably right, I think I've created some sort of disconnect between eating enough and being stuffed to the gills.

I do train most days as it is so im hoping the weight gain that has come on is more muscle/water than fat. I have noticed though I've become softer in the stomach and on the lower back. Not really worried its just noticeable thats all.


I can and have eaten in excess of that in one meal with room to spare, its not difficult.

(Un)fortunately im putting on weight eating the amount im eating, so adding more food would make little sense.

Having done a little more reading, I think its possible this faux intermittant fasting is causing a bingeing behaviour....might be better to try going back to more regular meals.