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Not Feeling My Back Working


Whenever I do back movements, such as lat pull downs, kroc rows, etc. it doesn't feel like I'm working my back. I haven't really gained any size like I have in other parts either. I'm just wondering what should I do to make sure I'm working my back as good as I can?


I had this problem with most body parts, but particularly my back, and it wasn't resolved until I got heavier.

On back movements, try and focus on touching your elbows behind you (obviously this is physically impossible)., rather than contracting the bicep.



Let your arm be there along for a ride instead of doing all the pulling!


Well, with tricep exercises, a trainer/lifter told me to flex my triceps when I did them. Could this apply to back lifts to? I think I heard this before, like trying to push your shoulder blades together or something.


Iso-dynamic lat pull-down and rows really help feeling the back working: http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/mondays_with_thibs_you_dont_know_jack_about_your_back


Really think about retracting your shoulder blades as you start and go through the motion. I find this really works for me.


Thanks for the help, and that article too, I'll make sure to read through that.