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Not Feeling It


to sum it all up im 7 weeks and 2 days into my first cycle and im not getting that kick or buzz or intense libido that so many other guys report...

cycle so far:
weeks 1-7(now) 300mg Test E 2x per week
weeks 5-7(now) 100mcg Liquid T3 from a research company (not sure if its legit...)
weeks 5+7(now) 100mcg Liquid Clen from same company

havent had sides so no ADEX

am i missing something or should i be worried? everyone else who gets Test from the same guy says its legit so i HIGHLY doubt its fake/underdosed but is it normal for gains not to show until now or later?

sorry if this is a dumb thread but i dont know what to do...


Diet and training okay?

No weight gain beyond normal gains?
No strength gains beyond normal gains?


Get a blood test and know for sure: privatemdlabs.com


diet is Anabolic Diet with a 1 day carb up which kinda turns into a couple cheat meals as well. i am cutting probably on about 2000 cals a day and strength is still going up bit by bit but not as much as i thought it would...

training is consistently 5-6 days per week doing shoulders/arms, chest/back, legs and repeat

my normal weight fluctuates from 215-220 during the week. the night after my high carb day (sunday) i was 230. this morning i was 221...

thanks BS


hmm DP i really dont want to spend the 50 bucks if i dont have to i may end up doing so...

thanks for the site btw


source could give one guy legit and another guy not

sorry but if this is like a first cycle you should feel it and see difference

you have fake gear more then likely


oh and what exact test should i get?

testosterone, total, serum right?


ok getting bloodwork in about an hour or so...


Maybe you're expecting too much?


yeah you could be right its just im not getting ANY of the "side effects"

ie: im not hungrier than i was before i started(clen and T3 could be affecting that?),

absolutely NO increase in libido

my nuts havent shrank at all (no HCG)

i dont have an intense urge to train (usual level of motivation though)

and the strength isnt coming up any faster than before cycle...


You're taking 100 MG of clenbuterol and 100 MG of T3? surprised you're still alive.

You should feel something from all of that you're taking, its not real.


oops... micrograms


not everyone gets an increase in libido. Never did at 200, 400, 600, 750. In fact at the higher doses my libido dropped....test your bound and unbound levels.


total test was 420 ng/dl on a 249-836 scale....


Damn... sorry man. At least you know now


Just finishing my first cycle of Sustanon/Anavar and my results were incredible...

I'm also doing some Clen and it took 4 days before I could take 50 mcg without shaking so bad that I couldn't write & it was embarrassing to try and eat in front of anyone...

From reading the thread it seems that your gear might be fake homie...if so, sorry to hear about that as that really sucks...to give you an idea of what I experienced, on a dose of Sustanon 300 @ 0.5 ml e3d & 60 mg Anavar ed, I put on 22 lbs. in about 6 weeks with only 1.5% increase in body fat (about 17 pounds of muscle).


Wow thats a crazy amount of muscle for 6 weeks. crazy


yeahhh, oh well now i just gotta see if i can get my money back or some real vials... cant imagine that convo is gonna be pleasant lol


that's awesome. hopefully you keep it all! congrats


Thanks guys...still on the Clen and am down to 199 (from 207) and haven't lost any strength yet (but I know it is coming so I'm preparing for it)...the goal is to walk around at about 190 & 9% bf (so that I can cut to 178 for Muay Thai) all the while keeping as much of the strength gains as possible...I need to update the thread but there are a few pics on my original thread ("First Cycle - High level athlete/martial artist") [I apologize for the plug] but needs to be updated...there is a before and 4 week pics I believe.