Not Feeling It - Considering Peptides

I use an online telehealth service. Started in October with Clomid which dropped my test levels so switched to Test Cyp in March which boosted levels from 276 to 731 by Apr 30. Just passed the 3 month mark for test cyp injections, I’m at 150 mg/ml a week .033ml SubQ every 3 days. and Anastrazole once/week.

Bottom line, I don’t feel much different. I’ve been down several roads with TRT. In 2019 a urologist got me up to 1200 and I felt shitty. I switched to Pellets for 6 months and while my levels were up and I was taking an AI the benefits just weren’t there. I weaned off that and then in desperation gave the online company a try. Truthfully, I’m concerned about their reliability and what will happen if they go out of business and in addition, I don’t feel much different. I do seem to be putting on some muscle mass but libido is non-existent.

I’m wondering if I should get off this and attempt a restart with Peptides or if I should just throw in the towel. Am I not waiting long enough?

I guess I’m not sure what peptides would help you with if TRT isn’t doing much… what is it exactly you ‘aren’t feeling’? What I mean by this is that peptides and Test are not the same thing and are used for mostly different purposes.

What was your TT before and after clomid?

If TRT isn’t doing anything, peptides aren’t expected to do anything unless you’re severely deficient in growth hormone.

Your previous TT was patheticly low and maybe you have more issues going on than just low-T.

You still need adequate levels of testosterone.

Also you never mention how much anastrozole you’re taking and I wonder if you even need it, because if you don’t then it’s not hard to understand why you can’t find your libido.

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Thank you. I should have clarified, the October levels in my post were baseline levels, Feb is after Clomid.

And as far as “feeling”, primarily libido, energy, mood, confidence, well being,- you know,- all the benefits that are supposed to be there but aren’t. So I’m spending hundreds of dollars the month to feel the same way I do without TRT.

Right, the Anastrazole is 1mg/week.

And yes, I’ve considered there my be more issues. I’ve done the Thyroid tests, had my pituitary scanned, and opinions of a half dozen doctors. They did identify a small concave on my pituitary but it wasn’t enough to be indicative of a root cause. Apparently they’re not the right doctors.

Really at this point I’d rather feel like shit and at least not throw away money.

Wasn’t that a Tombstone quote?:sweat_smile:

“I already feel like shit, might as well have my money too”.

(I know that’s not the actual quote).

That’s a lot for a man and is enough to tank estrogen. I even tried 0.050 anastrozole and even a tenth of that produce painful dislocating joints while walking. My hips hurt so much sitting was painful.

Dude that’s my favorite western!

What exactly were you expecting to feel?

Hey man,

My expectations are pretty realistic. To sum it up, I expected to feel anything different, which I do not. As with any therapy, there should be a change in condition beyond numbers in lab results, which is the only thing that has changed.

Can you share with me anything you felt change as a result of TRT?

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Yea well thats why i asked.
I have been blasting steroids for 10+ years and from my experience i can say - i dont feel any different when on 250mgs or 1g+… Test is not something i FEEL.
Now - tren you can feel. Anadrol skyrockets BP, anavar gives specific look, Stanazolol gives strenght. Test…nope. I have never felt any different because of just test.


I think your estrogen is too low. Estrogen has good benefits for men as well including libido and erection quality. With a total test level in the 700’s I would think your estrogen should be higher.

This test was done a while ago and yes my test was about twice what yours is now but I felt fucking great (and I still do).

I’d drop the anastrazole if it were me.


For me, I have to really think about actions to be able to tell a difference. I think there are subtle differences for me going from cruise to blast levels. But, I can’t tell at any given moment that I am on more now, or less now. More like noticing that I was slightly hornier back a month ago when I was blasting type of thing.

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I also agree with this. People obsess to keep their e2 low like their test is normal. If test is high, e2 has to be high also. I believe that there is some ratio of test-e2, at which we feel the best. I dont know it, nor do i know mine, but i believe its individual and we should find the RATIO at which its the best.
But never should your e2 be twice the normal, when your test is 10 times normal, for example.


Those are some outstanding points from everyone. Wondering if I should drop the AI and see what happens

Can anyone please just one time provide any sort of proof for some supposed ratio in where E2 has to be higher simply because test is?

So many people are mislead with this false notion and it hurts their TRT journey.

What proof? There are no proofs in any of this. Most people who use studies as proof are the ones who cant get any of this to work or yield any results. Most proof-based people have the worst physiques. Forget about proof. Its about real experience, man.

Sounds like a prolactin issue. Along with your lower e2

Ok even by experience, there is no proof for any sort of ratios. If you guys are going to preach higher E2 due to higher T you got to provide something.

We see plenty of times guys who either feel better by lowering dose, or going higher dose and using an AI. What’s the common denominator in those cases? Point blank we all have a certain level of E2 we can tolerate.

Testosterone to Estradiol Ratio (T/E2) Calculator (

For what it is worth (not much).

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I have seen those studies referenced quite often and none of them justify any sort of ratio. They take the average number of T and the average number of E2, where nothing is crashed or too high, and work it into some “ratio”. The heart one in that long specially says the men had low T, which of course is a problem, you fix their T and they are better. So is it really the ratio or the fact they had low T? I also remember there was a website that had 5 studies in it where if you didn’t read one of the articles you would have even missed it where it said the lower the ratio the worse things got for men, meaning that the bigger the discrepancy between T and E2 was better for over all health lol. Just reread that link and specifically one of that sources states that a low T/E2 ratio is worse for the heart. So my question again to anyone here preaching ratios while we are on TRT, please justify with any source where higher T has to come with higher E2.

Edit: give me sometime I will go through each source, as I habve done it before and showed the whole ratio hypothesis has no meaning to us when taking liberal T doses.

I wouldn’t bother. I think you are correct. Too much individual variation with both testosterone and estradiol levels and results to allow for a reliable conclusion.

I’ve seen too many guys with high E2 levels get dramatic lipid improvements. Had a new guy last week, E2 over 100, total cholesterol dropped from 270 to 166. He was actually concerned because he has always been mid to high 200s.

On the other hand, there are those in the mid 50s with bloating, extreme nipple discomfort and moods swings.

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