Not Feeling Hams/Glutes During GM

Hey everyone, it’s been a while since the last time I was on this forum. Anyway, so I have been doing the good morning exercise for over 6 weeks now and recently I have been uncertain as to whether I hit my hams and glutes correctly when doing the good morning exercise (bent-legged version). For some reason, I do not feel those muscles working as much as my lower back muscles. During the eccentric phase, I always focus on pushing my hips out while trying to maintain an arch in my lower back. Then, during the concentric phase I focus on pushing my hips forward.

I mean, I do feel a stretch in my hamstrings during the eccentric phase and then the hams and glutes contracting to some extent during the concentric phase. However, I still feel my lower back muscles working more so than my hamstring and glute muscles. Also, I always move the weight with a slow-to-moderate pace. In addition, I use a wall behind to make sure that my butt touches it when moving it backward. I am not sure what do and any help would once again be appreciated.


Probably because your hamstrings are weak, so the lower back is taking up the slack. Lower the weight a little and really work on loading up the hamstrings during the concentric.

Probably your lower back is weak and your hamstrings are tight. Even in a perfect GM, your lower back works isometrically to prevent rounding. Particularly if your hamstrings are tight and are pulling back on your pelvis, this can be the hardest part of the GM. Try leg curls and hamstring stretching before GMs. This will help you feel them in your hamstrings.

Or, don’t worry about it. As long as you aren’t letting your lower back round, your lower back will get stronger and your hamstrings will get more flexible as you continue to do them. Then, as you increase the weight your hamstrings will reach a place where they are being pushed as well.

How frequent? Maybe your lower back is not recovered and it might be why you feel it more.