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Not Feeling Glutes or Hams on the Deadlift?


Hey i am getting ready to Deadlift 315 x10 next week to tie my deadlift PR but i could not help but notice that even tho my deadlift has gone up quite a bit since starting 5/3/1 my glutes and hamstrings have not grown or developed much at all. I am deadlifting with a coach and my form looks fine to my coaches and people offering to do form checks. I feel as though my deadlift is mostly driven by my lower back and hamstrings. I decided to try to 'feel" the glutes more by driving with my ass and hamstrings instead of lowerback and quads and the lift feels more challanging and i am starting to have a harder time lifting lighter weights that i previously owned.


That is a video on how i normally Deadlift.


The video is too far away… do you feel lots of tightness in your hams before you start the pull?


I can’t really see from the video but make sure your shins are directly against the bar and the bar stays against you shins/legs the whole way up. Snatch Grip Deadlifts, Stiff Leg Deadlifts or Deficit Deadlifts will help build the hams and specifically SGDL will help you practice firing your glutes.


“i am getting ready to Deadlift 315 x10 next week to tie my deadlift PR but i could not help but notice that even tho my deadlift has gone up quite a bit…”



I dont get it? I know 315 x10 is nothing cool. Im happy with it i started with 275lbs max on the deadlift so i have seen a big jump since training on 531. I think i figuered out the answer to my problem. I tried driving from my heels to start the movent and imagining the posterior chain driving the weight of the ground and it has helped. Hoping for some more healthy gains this year. Cheers!


315x10 for 10 not cool? It’s fucking awesome. I have no idea why anyone needs to “feel” a lift anywhere. A lot of this has to do with how you do the movement based on your build. So you are worrying about nothing and something you can’t change.

You start taking every cue from every “internet lifter” and you will wind up fucking up your training. Get your body in position and focus on ONE thing. It’s best to vet who you get your information from too.

Be thankful - you are making progress and closing in on a goal. The legions of morons will try to get you to overthink this. The day you think during a lift is the day your get hurt or fuck it up.

I’m just beyond frustrated at all this - do what you want.


Thanks Jim ill keep this in mind during my PR week and crush the weights like i crush the Mandarin buffet. 531 has really helped get my strength up. I hope to finally squat 405 this year.


I’ll give you the best piece of advice I can - stay off the internet. Yes, I realize the irony here but I think you asked a similar question on the 5/3/1 Fans of Wendler page. Most of those answers belonged in the shitter.

Get a stack of good books, turn off your TV, turn off your phone: learn/train, write, paint, learn an instrument


Hey mate good stuff but why tie it go for 315 for 11. Dont worry about feeling glutes and hammys when deadlifting thats what assistance is for. Also i like what jim said about the internet there is alot of shit around i have a select few websites i visit and am off within 10 min.