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Not Feeling Front Delt During Pressing!

Only lift that can get my front delt sore is close grip bench! Any reaosn why?

Not getting sore doesn’t mean that you didn’t stimulate the muscle. Even if it did mean that no muscle damage was created it doesn’t mean that it didn’t stimulate muscle growth because there are several pathways to stimulate growth.

What is your range of motion like on the other front delt exercises you use? To create soreness you need maximum muscle damage and to maximize damage you must stretch a muscle under load. In a close-grip bench, the front delt it stretched significantly in the bottom of the movement. But if on your other deltoid exercises you never stretch the front delt under load, you won’t cause that much damage. BUT that doesn’t mean that you aren’t stimulating growth.

Does that also mean I can grow my front delt from close grip bench? I actually never feel my front delt during any lift and my whole delt is lacking!

Of course. It’s a compound pressing movement. Just because “in theory” it is a triceps exercises doesn’t mean that it exclusively work the triceps? If it did, then it would be no different than a triceps extension.

Any pressing exercise will work, to some extent, the triceps, the deltoids and the pectorals (if you know what you are doing the back will also work hard). Changing the width of the grip, the pressing technique or the angle of the press will put or less emphasis on some muscles, but all three are still involved to some degree.

And even if the close-grip press is seen as a triceps exercise, in some cases other muscles might actually receive more stimulation. I was just talking to a bodybuilder friend of mine yesterday and he asked me to help him with his close-grip bench because he only felt it in his pecs, not triceps.

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I’m. Sometimes use close grip bench just for front delt!
was thinking to do lying front raises to Mimic same motion to isolate more front delt!

i don’t remember if i ever felt my front delt working

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And do u have big delt?!

yes, and they are pretty strong ! i am more tricep dominant my tricep are really strong maybe thats why i dont feel the front delt ? i dont know