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Not Feeling Fatigue, Skip Week 2 BTM?

If my body fat is around 18-20%and I’m almost 23 years old, do I need to be decreasing weight in week two of BTM? Could I just repeat week 1 then skip to week three then repeat week 3 etc?

I started lifting last October after 4 years out, and I have been staying at or increasing my TMs each week without noticing problems with fatigue.

I have now switched to BTM but have been adjusting my TMs each week and doing week 1 over and over. I feel like doing week two would be a waste of a week because I don’t need to go lighter.

Is there a better way of doing what I’m doing? Following the programme how it’s written would be too slow for my liking, based on my first year growth potential.

Fatigue and pain are the hallmarks of any training program. Sorry, hallmarks of any SUCCESSFUL training program. I’d simply use your own expertise as BTM is a program few have used. And even fewer have had success with.


Oh I thought it was quite popular. I did lots of googling and a lot of people are doing it.

What would you recommend instead? I don’t mind grueling long workouts, I normally spend 1.5 to 2 hours in the gym, 3-4x a week.

Before BTM I was doing a a custom 4 day power hypertrophy split, with the first two days compound 5/3/1 and last two days olympic, and assistance lifts. I stopped that because my squat was going no where and felt like more. Volume was the cure. I do BTM with just front squats now until I can get a decent number and good movement pattern to start back squatting again

Did you see who wrote the post you’re referring to?

If you’re doing BTM, do it as written - it’s supposed to vary that way. I’ve been doing 5/3/1 programs from Jim’s books for the last couple of years and they work - as written. There are plenty of people who’ve been doing them for a lot longer than that and they work - as written.

If you do it honestly and still feel the need for more volume, add accessory lifts at the end. Keep in mind the effect that will have on your recovery and any other physical activities you participate in

If you’re confident enough to change the program, why not write something from scratch instead of trying to bolt on fixes?

Try it as written initially, you won’t die from under stimulation because you went 5% lighter than last week and you will be thankful come week 3.

I see your sarcasm meter is broken.

Jim has successfully coached hundreds of athletes (Probably more) and produced programming of high enough quality to help thousands more to get bigger and stronger. He’s so successful at it, he has a business based around training others to become bigger and stronger. If you feel you know better than him, you are perfectly free to ignore his advice and dick about with the programme all you want. It’s your training, and your results.

Woah guys yes I did see who wrote the post. I respect Jim as I know.his programs work. I also know that he creates new ones because he develops a better way of achieving a certain goal. His advice is always improving.

I’m not trying to fix the program, I’m trying to optimize it for me, a beginner.

I definitely didn’t see the sarcasm. I’ll try the programme as intended.

What about a different programme like the letter to young Jim, or another programme aimed at beginners? Might take care of the issues you are trying to work out on the go, then move to BTM at a later date.

Really thing about this partner.

“I’m not trying to re-write the recipe here, I’m just trying to make it better for a first time chef like myself.”

“I’m not trying to re-invent the investing strategies of warren Buffett, I’m just trying to optimize it for a new investor like me.”

Etc, etc.

Don’t run BtM as a beginner.