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Not Everyone Wants to Compete or Have Fame?

So in this bull **** situation I started to think (if there is anything to do now but think and work). Anyways I remember seeing HUGE lean people who seriously could give pros a run for their money.

I remember asking some and usually some say “I just like working out for me and get as big as I can”.

Others down the line of “I am religious and this isn’t a sport for me”.

And the majoirty is “it’s just a hobby I really like”.

Seriously I can’t be the only one that sees beasts in the gym that just workout for the heck of it burn off steam and look like a pro in the process.

I would assume not everyone would want such fame since you will have to be public and open spoken.

Crazy, but I believe it, plus, to add the fitness industry has a lot of flaws so it can unmotavate someone to try and get in.

Your take?

Pros, size and conditioning wise, are a cut above.

When the Pittsburgh Classic happens, there is this one huge buffet out by the airport that gets stampeded. Lots of fans and a smattering of competitors.

There are some Big dudes, fans, gymbros, bopping around at 220-250, in pretty good shape. Definitely nothing to sneeze at.

Then you see a pro or two in comp condition at 250+ and extremely low bodyfat, and know that the other dudes, while big, are not pros.


Thank you for your comment.

I didn’t want to get into details as in BF. But if it matters, one of them which is the biggest is covered up everytime I see him. He is no doubt the biggest in the gym easily. Now since I can’t see how he looks which is a controversial statement of being a homosexual I choose not to ask. But I do see the guy and 90% of the time he has that sucked up face and still keeping his size. Yes 100% steriod user as it is obvious but he never bothers to show off his physique or compete since where I love which is Califronia I never see or hear that he competed. Btw, he was the one to casually said it’s a hobby when I asked him. So that’s why I wonder if there are many of these dudes who are like that but don’t compete or want to be noticed in that way.

It’s judt interesting to see that many say “I don’t care about fame” but they still try and there are people like that who truly don’t want it and are content with their livelihood.

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In reality compared to other pro sports the amount of fame and money is really not that impressive.


For guys on gear? Yeah, i don’t get it. Putting your health at risk “for fun” (i know i know, shortcut).

For natties? I get it, lifestyle and the desire of not being average. It’s nice to be the one at your gym with the “competitor body” if i can say that.

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Exactly what @bulldog9899 said - there’s really no money or fame in bodybuilding as a sport. I can definitely understand just enjoying the hobby without wanting to see what it would take to compete at the highest levels, because there isn’t a huge external incentive.

I’m not someone like you mention above that would be mistaken for a physique athlete, but I still like training like one; I absolutely know I don’t have any interest in dieting for even a recreational stage, much less whatever it takes to get to the pro levels.

Even in other sports, there are tons of athletes that can run fast or jump high but just don’t have the skill to play on a team. Or weren’t discovered, or couldn’t keep their act together, or the fit wasn’t there, or whatever. When that happens, we just say “we didn’t like it anymore” or “it wasn’t my passion” (because sitting behind my laptop 10 hours a day is clearly something I’m passionate about instead). I guess my point is that slight edge between being the best on the street and being the bottom at the pro level is actually a pretty wide chasm.


It’s the same reason I’m ridiculously well endowed but refuse to star in adult cinema.

The attention just isn’t worth it.


It has been mentioned, but people look better in person. I have worked out with a couple monsters. Genetic freaks IMO, they have great genetics, eat well, train well and umm supplement well. However, the pros are just on a different level. Elite genetics vs great genetics.


The sacrifice needed to make the leap is not worth it for many. The dedication required is more than anybody would guess that hasn’t been at that precipice. In strength sports, and even more in physique sport like Bodybuilding, there are bridges to cross with no guarantee of a prize. There has to be a strong enough reason for it to overcome the risk and dangers, never minf the probable long term costs.
And there are also plenty of guys that simply want to be the big fish in a small pond. It’s humbling to be in the big pond.

100% agree. I like training in general because I just like how I look. Yeah he put our bodies through the ringer but hey it’s our passion.

Some people are just gifted with genetics and they still don’t care but more logically don’t know how to be noticed in that way. I know if he did he would turn heads he is really freaken big reminds me of markus ruhl wide and no bubble gut. You know, when the gym reopens I’ll ask him if I ever see him again to show me what is under that hoodie. The guy is very quiet as well but his presence isn’t lol.


You know that is something I say as well, instagram fitness people make way more money than bodybuliders who put their life at risk with everything they take to look like that. But who knows he could be like lee priest and barely take anything and look like that meh.

I… may recommend a subtler approach


Fame… prior to this year, Phil Heath had won 7 Olympia’s in a row and hardly anyone outside of the bodybuilding world knows him. Think of that level of domination in main stream sports, like Usain Bolt, those people are household names.

Probably doesn’t help that stringing streaks that would be unheard of in other sports are reasonably common in bodybuilding but still.

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Hahaha! Listening :wink:

@ strongmangoals

That is true 100% but actually peoplw know Kai Greene more than Phil. I believe it is the way you stray away from the herd.

Kai is like that old wiseman living on the top of the mountain. Makes anyone wonder who is this guy other than tradional BB style.

But I do wonder if there are true ridiculous monsters that arr IFBB material but they just like working out and only for themselves. I feel this guy is one of them.

I remember meeting Iain Valliare at Gold’s Gym once after Markus Ruhl this guy is a 2nd from the biggest person I have ever seen. Well this guy is bigger it’s nuts to look at. I’m not the only one either everyone in the gym talks about him. We all wonder why just compete if you look like that to begin with and covered up.

That’s why I wonder if just competing is a bitch to begin with. BB is seriously the most unorthodox sport out there. Pros have to pay even and even through ESPN people still don’t know who these people are. You got to wonder if more just like the way of look but live their life looking like that for the heck of it.

I mean you got people going to beach just to show off how they look and I dobt they want to compete as a Men’s Physique competitor. I could imagine someone wants to look like an IFBB but not compete either.

Uhhh what?

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