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Not Even Sure What This Is


Just look. This reminded me of the exploding arms guy.


Sad is what that is....and stupid...likely a solid mixture of both really...WHY??


It looks like some kind of tumour... quite disgusting.


I posted a pic of him in that Greg Valentino thread. He is one of a group of these idiots who have inflated their muscles like that. What I don't get is how psychotic someone has to be to think that looks "good", real, or anything other than simply stupid. My guess is, he thinks people are staring because he is such a freak that he causes awe-struck mayhem. I don't think they get that people are staring because they are wondering what's wrong with them.

The only thing I hate is that they are related to bodybuilding at all and that some people may see them no differently than those of us who actually try to train hard.


Yeah, it looks like a disease, not muscle, seeing how the rest of the guy isn't even close to being in proportion (even G. Valentino exploding arms guy was big all around).


NO...He is not.


Nice Guns!!! WTF, he has pumped them up quite a bit more than the last pic of him that X posted before.

I couldn't imagine what they must feel like to carry around all day long. I mean how much would all of that OIL weigh? There would have to be a few kilo's in there easily.

There are quite a few pics on the net now of guys like this in clubs etc. posing with their big gun's. Not many of them even look like they have been to a gym before. I would hope they get laughed out of them if ever they tried though...


For those who don't know: I belive this is Synthol (Pump n' Pose). Basically it's a synthetic fat that you inject into your muscle to make it bigger.

Its probibly not a disease/tumor (except a mental disease.)


I think gravy would come out if you poke a hole in those things...


What. The Fuck.


See, this is what happens when you only do compound lifts with no direct arm work.

I can't believe this dickhead. He looks like an average dude with two tumours on his arms.

I will agree with the weenie boys on this one - THAT is unfunctional mass.


Are you refering to his Head or Biceps?


I guess in his case these arms actually can be benefitial. Pulling trucks is hard work, this guy just have to lean forward and the "massive" arms+gravity will do the work by pulling down so the truck moves forward. Pure genious :wink:

But very, very sad.....



Barf. WTF could cause that? This guy makes valentino look almost normal.


have they fucked themselves up for life? or will their arms "Deflate" when they come off it?


I agree its a disease, possibly a version of body dysmorphia (sp?)?
I seriously think these guys have a real mental problem.



It is definetely a mental disease, like anorexia .. where people look at themselves and still think they are fat, despite being tiny.

Or you could call it an obsession. Some people like tattoos, and once they get some, can't stop until they are covered. Or piercings. I think it is just a (rarish) human condition to want more, more, more. Other people collect stamps.

Pretty gross though.

But again, look what some tribes do. Don't get me started on body modification.


"It's not a toomah."

Had to be said.


This guy in the picture, he injected the stuff under the skin, right? Not into the muscle - and hence he has bloated skin like big ballons. Although that doesn't explain why the stuff is staying in the upper arm region.

Also, why do these guys only inject into their arms? Why not the shoulders / chest?

Are there guys out there who inject it less, but in more muscles / evenly?

Has anyone gone to competitions using this stuff? Can they screen for it?

Do women similarly inject this stuff into their breasts? Anyone know?

I've never actually seen anyone use this (that I know of)


Have you ever seen a pro BB in person? Some of them look very suspect, Kris Dim's triceps are the first to spring to mind. According to gossip it's fairly common in upper-level competition, but gossip is, well... gossip.