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Not Entirely a Newbie but... Then Again?

Just going to cut right to the chase. Hopped back on the wagon September 1st.

September 1 Stats:
Class: Endo 75% / Meso 25
Weight: 236
Height: 6’3
Fat %: 23-25 (Educated Guess)

October 1 Stats:
Weight 215
Fat %: 18.7

I’m somewhat knowledgeable about nutrition, routines, IIFYM, and the like.
However, I want to make sure I have this down Pact.

Quick Bio:
College student, Work 20 hours a week standing up doing night security for clubs weekends. I bike everywhere.

First month Breakdown: IIFYM
Eating very clean & Tracking with MFP
2300 Calories
45% Protein, 35% Fat, 20% Carbs

Currently Eating:
Eating even Cleaner
2000 Calories
45% Protein, 35% Fat, 20% Carbs
1 Gallon of water
No creative at all
Caffeine pill 200mg preworkout

Typical Week: [Sets]
Monday - Saturday: Sunday Off
AM Chest-Tricep [25] / PM Legs [20]
AM Back-Bicep [25] / PM Shoulder [20]
AM Abs [20] / PM Incline Wall 400kcal
AM Chest-Tricep [25] / PM Legs [20]
AM Back-Bicep [25] / PM Shoulder [20]
AM Abs [20]/ PM Body Weight Sets [15]

I also bike roughly 1 Hour everyday @ an Average of 12-14 MPH and about a 55-65% of Max HR. I do not bike the Wednesday I walk incline @ 3.5 mph & 5 incline for roughly 40 minutes to usually hit 400 calories.

Weight: 190lbs
Fat %: 8-10
Goal Date: January 1, 2018

So I’ve gotten addicted to exercising as my current routine suggests. I am very aware that I can hit my goal by my goal date. I’m not overtraining, I can handle it, & I find myself feeling fine food and energy wise on the bike and in the gym, but after logging all 2,000 Calories as well as exercise into MyFitnessPal I’m finding myself with NetCalories of roughly 1,000 (Food: 2000cal, AM -200, PM -200, Bike -450) which I’m aware is low. My cardio is not intense at all but consistent. If anyone could take this information and possibly adjust the nutrition side to a potentially healthier healthier breakdown. I want to maintain a solid 2 pounds per week loss however I want to maintain my muscle, maybe even gain a pound or two by my goal date. I do not however want to reduce my exercise.

18.7% of 215 is 40.2 pound of Fat.
40.2lbs / 2 = 20.1lbs
18.7% / 2 = 9.35% BF

Unless my math is wrong, I can be at 9.35% BF (roughly) if I lose 20.1 lbs of Fat.
At a rate of 2 lbs per week, and my goal date being 12 weeks away. Theoretically it is obtainable.

Essentially all I am asking is whether or not, based on my exercise and caloric expenditure, I am pursuing this goal in a healthy, nutritional manner.


It is. You calculated your “after” BF off your original weight, so having 20.1lbs of BF at the same LBM would put you at 10.3% (20.1/195 not 20.1/215) but close enough!