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Not Enough Stimulation


I got the nutrition part down so I'm sure I'm eating enough, but what I'm worried about is the training part. It seems like my muscles don't get stimulated enough or barely get. I read threads on this site and everyone talks about how sore they are the day after training yet I feel nothing.

Everyone talks about the pumps and the burns yet I get nothing. Can anyone offer some much need advice, this is taking away ALL my motivation. Maybe beginners don't know how to properly use their muscles as veterans do? Does it come with time?

I'm a beginner to training but I'd consider myself knowledgeable about nutrition, so please help me find what's wrong with my training?


either you are not lifting long enough or hard enough, or maybe are not doing enough reps if you want to feel a "pump"


Well if I go heavier, and push myself more, wouldn't other muscle groups come and overcompensate for the target muscle? Making the exercise less effective?


doing more reps will give you more of a burn

After the first week or two of DOMS after not training for a long time, I rarely feel sore unless I pull something.

Maybe try a week of high rep stuff (10-12 or so) and see how you feel.


maybe you should tell us how your training now?


I'm not training right now, due to this I felt like I was wasting my time. But I did the usual split, 3 sets of each exercises, 8/12 reps. I also tried Starting Strength but there wasn't much difference in stimulation.


If you don't feel like dying after each and every workout your training like a pussy.

Forget thinking about stimulating muscles, unless your an accomplished bodybuilder just lift heavy ass shit and stuff your pie hole until you grow.

'everybody wanna be a bodybuilder but don't nobody wanna lift no heavy ass weights' -Ronnie Coleman 8x Mr. Olympia.

Your not training hard enough. Add more weight or more exercises.



This is great. How many people out there actually have themselves convinced that lifting heavier weights makes the exercise less effective? Gee, I wonder what your problem is.

This ain't that difficult, bud. Here's how it works:

  1. Decide what you want from your training.
  2. Figure out benchmarks that will show you whether or not you're moving toward your goals.
  3. Train hard.
  4. Measure the benchmarks. If they're improving, keep doing what you're doing. If not, make adjustments until they are.
  5. Rinse and repeat.



You forgot /thread.



If you want more pump do higher reps/super sets/less rest between sets. If you want DOMs, do something new. Neither of these are a sign of progress IMO, so read what Ramo said.


You are overthinking this aspect. At this stage of your lifting, you don't need to necessarily "target" a muscle. A heavier exercise (done with proper form of course) will make you stronger. Focus on getting stronger overall. That's the whole basis of the Starting Strength routine. Which brings me to my next point...

You obviously weren't training long enough. How long did you try Starting Strength? Did you follow it as it was written, or did you change things (i.e leg press instead of squat, not adding weight for the next workout if you acheived all 3 sets of 5, etc.)? By your previous statement, I'm willing to bet you haven't really been pushing yourself by adding weight when you should have been.

Also, you stated you have the nutriton down and are eating enough. Are you sure about this? Most people who state that they are "eating enough" yet aren't noticing gains are actually NOT eating properly.



Do strength gains mean size gains?


if you're eating enough to facilitate it, yes