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Not Enough Rest Between Workouts?


Hey I started training about 3 months ago and have seen some decent gains but want to make sure I am on the right track, want to know how long I should stick to a workout routine(dont want my body to adapt)& want to know proper rest time between sets. With that said lets explain my current workout routine. I am trying to put together some new routines with the workout equipment I have at home.

Mon & Thursday: Chest & Amrs 4 sets 6-8 reps of each
incline bench press
barbell curl
stand tri exten
flat bench press
db curl
close grip bench

Tuesday & Friday: Back & shoulder 4 sets 6-8 reps of each
barbell row
stand military press
lat pulldown
DB front shoulder raise
DB side shoulder raise

Wednesday: legs 4 sets 6-8 reps of each
calf raises
seated calf raises


Changing the whole routine is generally not necessary as long as you are making gains.

You should stay on a program at least for 8 - 12 weeks, but as long as you are progressing there isn't really any need to change it.

As for rest time between sets, there are many different concepts (supersets, antagonist supersets etc), but something between 60-120 seconds is normally used when doing straight sets.

Btw, you should ditch one type of curl and do some chin/pull-ups instead and doing 3 different types of bench plus some triceps isolation isn't really productive


Rest depends on your goals.

Cutting: no rest to 60 seconds (and superset)
Maintaining & Bulking: no more then 3min; and go heavy with such a long break like that.

I personally like to change a workout; just a little bit of a tweak, every 3 months. I will monitor my progress with each lift and if I see myself slowing/stopping progress in one; I'll exchange it for another.

I'm at the point now where 95% of my workout is not going to stop progressing for a while.


i dont get whats the point of having 3 bench presses and 2 curls, 2 calf raises, and squats and lunges, supposing that you are a beginner since you posted here.

but anyway until you plateau and make at least one deload i dont think there is a reason to change it.

as for rests personally i believe that you should rest as little as possible while being able to get all the reps in the next set.


Yea I am still learning what is and isnt productive. So 2 workouts per body part then? Or is this still overdoing it?


There is no need to over complicate things as long as you are making gains on a routine stay with it "If it aint broke why fix it"

Stick to compound movements

Rest between sets in dependent on your training goals. 1 to several mins if youre training heavy is fine.

But more important is your recovery time after training there really is no such thing as over training just under recovery.

People have a tendency to say things like I havent quite recovered from that last workout etc. When in actuality recovery is dependant on the cumulative stress and breakdown created by your entire days effort IE 8hr job 2hrs nite school, yard work, house work, running errands, taking care of children hanging out with the fellas, 2 hrs in the gym etc. You have to recover from it all.

Eat Big, Sleep Big, Train Big, Get Big.


I would change your routine every 6-8 weeks MAX. Even if you do not want to change your workouts you could at least change your weight and reps. If you are using heavy weight with low reps switch it up to high reps and lower weight


thank you guys for your help. recovery makes much more sense now that you put it into perspective. i never thought of switching up the reps/weight amounts! over all great pointers guys!