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Not enough carbs

During the day I’ve been having the sugar/carb cravings these past couple of weeks to point where I would feel the need to drink a Dr. Pepper to give me a boost. I’m not a big fan of sodas and drinking juice doesn’t seem to satisfy the cravings. Last night I had a big helping of some rice and beans. Well this morning and all afternoon my blood sugar seems to be very stable and I have not craved anything. This makes me think I’m not eating enough starchy carbs like rice. My goal is to gain muscle, adding a little extra fat won’t hurt me (I’m not trying to be fat-free). I thought I was eating enough carbs already but apparently I have not been eating enough. Should I be eating more rice and such?

Oatmeal in the AM, Beans in the PM

What I’ve been doing is cooking up 1/4 cup of brown rice (actually, I cook one cup at a time, and spread it over four days). Mixing it with a little marinade, chicken, and veggies is a really satisfying meal, and is only around 500 calories. If the rest of the day you’re eating pretty much only protein, this definitely wouldn’t hamper progress and would help keep you sane. I also mix oatmeal with my pre and post workout shakes (can’t afford Surge).