Not Enough Calories. Food Choices?

I am trying to gain weight but lean mass only.
I am 6ft 188~lb. Since I try to eat clean, cut carb and fat except
those necessary. so here’s the question. I dont know what to eat to get enough calorie.
Can you give me a list of food that I can get clean calories from?
ps. right now I eat chicken breast, tuna, egg, cottage cheese, etc.

You could try a search, but that could be slightly taxing. But it looks like you are trying to just eat protein, if you don’t eat carbs you need to make up for the calories in healthy fats.

shit loads of fruits and veggies, olive oil (and other oils like fish oil), peanut butter, beef, pork, basically any other meat, large variety of cheeses. Eating clean doesn’t mean cutting out all fats and carbs because your body needs those to grow. Eating clean has to do with picking the right balance of carbs fats and proteins that will allow you to gain lean muscle mass efficiently and keep you healthy.

Don’t be afraid of fat. Don’t be afraid of carbs. I wouldn’t say eat pasta every meal of the day but potatos are quite good for you and pack a lot of energy in them. At 188 6’ you’re not really that big.Just try to eat a balanced diet and gain weight and don’t worry yourself so much with the really complex stuff right now.

Great healthy fat sources:
-olive oil
-fish oil
-flax oil
-natural PB
-saturates from meats/eggs (in moderation)

Other, more exciting, proteins:
-lean cuts of beef (top round, lean ground beef on occaission)
-try looking for some turkey sausage or brats
-I like ground turkey as well, makes a good almost burger…
-Smoked turkey from the deli is a great quick option
-cottage cheese
-other fish as well
Otherwise, get creative! see what sort of seasonings or marinades you can try on different meats.

Oatmeal, brown rice, and every sort of fruit and vegetable you can stuff in your face with will work fine.