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Not Eating Enough

Sup guys.

I have a slight problem with my diet.
I’m supposed to be eating something like 4000 calories a day (i’m 18 yo) but i find myself barely getting up to 2000 ‘quality’ calories and i even try to spike it up with an extra protein shake and a tablespoon of fat (udo’s oil, codliver oil) and shit food.

The food exists, there’s always raw chicken breast in the freezer. More often than not there’s beef available.
But i can’t be arsed to cook it. Should i invest in a George foreman’s or something?

Also, what should i suggest that my momz <3 add to her grocery list?

So you’re asking us to motivate you…to cook food?
Can you boil eggs and make omelletes? Get momz to buy in a shite load of eggs and make up some killer omelletes.
Beef Jerky, alright it’s not ideal, but it’s easy enough to eat…


[quote]Sarpedon wrote:
So you’re asking us to motivate you…to cook food?

Not motivate. More like give tips to make it fast and convenient.

spend 45min on sunday and clean/cook chicken in the oven; while that is cooking pan-fry up a ton of ground beef.

i just did this last night; it took about 30min from start to finish. now i have 10lbs of cleaned and cooked chicken and 8lbs of 97% fat free ground beef.

got the whole week’s amount of protein ready to eat.

45min out of 10080min (the whole week)=0.004% of the week.

not too bad; and yes i’m a huge nerd.

Here’s what I do. Every Sunday I have a BBQ and on that day I cook some chicken or whatever for the rest of the week.

I’m not a huge fan of the Foreman grill. I suggest you get a good cast iron pan and cook whatever meat you want in there. Although, it does take a bit more effort than the Foreman Grill.

real fast i just ate 2 servings of allbran wheat with 2 cups milk and 4 scrambled eggs

not hard

2 hours later im eating

-4 oz deli sliced roast beef
on whole wheat bread
with dijon
colby jack cheese
-a banana
-and a serving of almonds

in 2 more hours i’ll drink 2 cups of chocolate milk and go to the gym

then i’ll drink a gatorade + whey shake leaving the gym

and i’ll make more something else to eat, probably whole wheat pasta and meat

not including the pasta meal, i’ll already be at 2,000 cals

possibly 3,000 after pasta

make a pb&j, or two, have a glass of milk

eat some almonds or something later