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Not Eating 22 Hours Everyday

I’ve been doing 22/2 IF and love it. I go to work all day, train around 4:30pm and my 2 hr window for eating is usually 5:30-7:30. My workouts are strong, I feel better mentally and physically than I have in years. I don’t have to worry much about eating and I’m saving $. And I get to feast every evening.

The research on fasting is interesting- more HGH, less insulin/fat storage, less inflammation, probably a lower rate of heart disease/cancer due to lower levels of IGF 1, and a better tolerance of chemotherapy side effects.

You have good workouts after fasting for 22hr? I doubt it. What are your stats, numbers.

Why are you saving money? IF is not magic. You still need to eat over/under maintenance.

I’m 43, 5’9" 196lbs. I’m going to get leaner, will I loose some muscle? Probably, but I’m ok with that. I know this isn’t a popular approach, but I like to experiment.

How long have you been doing this for? What is a typical meal like? What are your goals?


If you feel great mentally and physically then, err… keep doing it!

honestly, if you feel better on it, go for it just make sure your needs are getting met with that feast meal. IF gets a bad wrap but when structured correctly diet wise it is like anything else, it works great for some and others hate it, most don’t like it simply because they hate not eating regularly, whereas i fall in with you, i keep mine to about a 6 hr window and my numbers have done nothing but go up.

But, why is he saving money? The same macros have to be hit whether gaining, losing, or maintaining.

Eating/preparing food only at home? No need to buy food during the day? Cooking and purchasing ingredients in bulk?

All of the above can save $$$.


None of that is dependent on IF. I do not follow IF and do all of those.

I agree, although in general its easier to do those things when IF.


Exactly. Saves me plenty of $$$

I did IF for 2 years religiously with great results, and I still do it occasionally --and I’ll preach the virtues of IF to anyone who will listen. But I find it hard to believe a 22hr break from eating will give you energy for workouts. But I am willing to keep an open mind and maybe try it in the future, like on my next cut phase for summer.