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Not done yet. (Strongman Koestrizer)

Technically you have to do it in your underpants to be a true influencer.


Who says I wore pants?

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Alarm didn’t work and I was in dire need if sleep… So my nap escalated to 3+ hours.
Duuuuude I am feeling yesterday’s pulls. Good today is basically deload.

1 block pulls
5 @ 180 kg
This felt like 230. Like legit near max, haha. Got a vicious back pump.
As a result I switched out rdls for sled work. Heavy pulls wrecked me good yesterday.

2a lat pull down
3 x 12

2b hip thrust
3 x 6 @ 120 kg

2c hanging leg raises
4 x 11

3 backwards sled drag
10 x 3 lanes with 30 sec pause.

Good call


  • waking up from that crazy nap, the stress and fatigue from yesterday had me feeling some kind of way. So I did the very bare minimum today and that’s fine

Forgot that I promised a neighbor about 2 weeks ago I would help him move furniture out of his home. 76 steps led up to his apartment. Abut an hour of work which got the sweat going.

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I 100% believe moving is one of the best workouts ever.


Next to shoveling holes in tough grounds. Also both infuriating and a real test of my patience, haha.

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I cannot say I have any experience with that, but I can imagine that well.

The garden of my parent’s house is very clay heavy and full of rocks and stuff. So every project that involved digging required a pickaxe and was accompanied by lots of swears and curses.

The last encounter of that kind was when I was digging the grave for my dog, which by law had to be quite deep. I was drenched in sweat.

The only comparable experience I have is shoveling several feet of snow a few times. Most of the time my dad did it and would cheat by using a snowblower, but I volunteered to shovel when I was a little older. I often wish I had a garden.

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I have decided to follow through and switch coaching services. I gave notice to Paul immediately and we will finish this training cycle first with a deadlift PR as a parting gift.
I am not dissatisfied with Paul’s service or even my progress nor do I necessarily expect to make significantly more progress. However I have been working with Paul for over 1.5 years and I feel like I want some new stimuli and see if different things will work better for me.

The new guy is an Aussie called Maximus McCall. I really like the content he puts out and he has some really impressive client progresses (I am aware he is likely posting the top tier stuff).

This was a difficult decision for multiple reasons. For one, I have worked with Paul for a long time and build a good relationship. Also I am paying significantly more now and Paul never updated my bill to his current standard. So there is no way to go back to this low price (which is quite below the standard of what coaches are usually asking for).

I am excited for the change and new input though. He seems like the right guy for the job.


If anything the new coach has a cooler name. If that doesn’t result in gains, maximum gains, then I don’t know what will


Yeah I was previously unsure but Maximus seems to be his actual name, haha.

He’s coaching the 90 kgs World champion hehe

I can’t can’t even fathom how strong these guys are

I hope for you it’ll be worth it!

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He’s coaching a handful world champs actually and is quite an animal himself. I love seeing his client’s transformations. Hopefully I’ll have a good one myself.

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Do you want to transform then? What do you want to change appart from being stronger?

Well I guess eventually. My goals regarding my physique and the way I even perceive said features are changing as quick as the weather.

You’re going to have to drop down to 90 kilo then, sorry to hear that no more food and beers for you.

It’d be quicker to just amputate a leg. Less painful as well.



1 oh squat
3 x 5 @ 60 kg

2 deadlift
5 @ 180 kg - heavy, as all deloads are

3 power jerk
3 x 2 @ 125 kg

Not fails but wasn’t my day for explosiveness.

4 seated cable row
3 x 12



1 squat
3 x 3 @ 140 kg

This did not feel as deloady as it should. My recovery is lagging rn. I have two rest days coming up, hopefully that is the fix. Heavy and all over the place. I think it’s the stress.

2 bench press (paused)
3 x 10 @ 85 kg

3a seated box jumps
5 x 3

3b lat pull down
3 x 12


  • my nervous system wasn out of it today. Not because of training (not necessarily at least). But I fucked up with medication lately and am suffering the consequences, amplified by a lot of stress. Little bit of a complex situation.
  • everything about this was awful today. Now to let it go and recharge over the next two days

I need to keep calm and remind myself that deloads are always awful. Also need to take better care of myself. Lately the day could have 48 hours and I wouldn’t get everything done.