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Not done yet. (Strongman Koestrizer)

Love the can of wife beater, best post today. Quality


Good news, mate.

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Thanks for all the congratulations and well wishes, gents! I’m happy to not have to take that route (for now and hopefully ever).

Best thing I read today!

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I hope I was competing against something good :stuck_out_tongue:



She was just in @Cyrrex log, for context.

Good to hear the lobotomy is a no go.


So the bar was set very high, is what you’re saying.



1 deadlift
2 x ? @ 60 kg
5 @ 100 kg
4 @ 140 kg
2 @ 180 kg
1 @ 200 kg
1 @ 217,5 kg

2 @ 230 kg - PR!

2 power jerk
4 x 5 @ 95 kg

3 bent over row
3 x 12 @ 90 kg

4 cyclist squats
3 x 15 @ 75 kg

5 hanging leg raise
4 x 10 @ 4 kg med ball (for convenience)


  • I was worried about deadlifts today. Hams and glutes not really recovered and back kinda tired. Warm ups sets confirmed that and stuff felt heavy(!). Still pulled my top set and I think that’s a really good sign. Hamstrings felt like they were about to give out on me afterwards (on bent rows), haha.

Nice set!

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Nice PR mate. Liking the grind

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Puh I didn’t feel like training today.

1 11" deadlift (power bar)
3 x 5 @ 172,5 kg

2 snatch grip rdl
4 x 8 @ 115 kg

3 lat pull down
4 x 12

4 hip thrust (5 sec. Ecc.)
4 x 6 @ 125 kg


  • total lack of energy today. I was completely depleted. So I did the bare minimum I deemed necessary (sorry) and called it a day. Yes it was the split squats I skipped again. I feel a little bit bad about myself but not too much.
  • lower back is being a good sport bout it but hams and glutes are feeling it big time this week.
  • deadlifts took a lot out of me yesterday, it seems. We’re close to the goal now, so time to grit my teeth and take what I want.


Went on my first ever strike this morning. It was a huge thing. Pretty cool experience, hopefully it will result in decent negotiations but we’ll probably have to go on more strikes to increase pressure.
Killed my lower back a little though - lots of standing and slow walking without much movement variance.

Also I have a bit of a cold that I stubbornly try to ignore. So far mainly slightly sore throat and excessive sweating, so I was still good to go in terms of training but I’ll monitor the situation. Come on body! Only three more weeks and you’ll get a break, I promise!

1 oh squat
3 x 5 @ 60 kg

2 deadlift
3 x 5 @ 195 kg

3 power jerk
5 x 2 @ 115 kg

4 Seated cable row (light, RPE 6ish)
4 x 12


  • deadlifts felt kinda crap today but actually looking at the footage, they didn’t move bad at all.
  • for this week, assistance is drastically reduced, as well as a reduction of weight on the deadlift top set. Next week is a deload.


1 squat
3 x 3 @ 155 kg

Continuing to feel off/ awful.

2 bench press
2 x 4 @ 117,5 kg
1 x 4 @ 110 kg

Left biceps was given me issues and the 2nd set was already very hard, wo I dropped the weight.

3 seated box jumps
1 x 2

Right knee goes bye bye.

4 band leg curls
4 x 15

5 lat pull down
3 x 12


  • cold is evolving and annoying. Symptoms are mild this far, so I thought I’d sneak this in and then assess again.
  • depending on how things develop I can either repeat this week or try to push through and regenerate o er the deload next week. Favoring the first rn.

The decision came easy this night. I either have a cruel man flue or maybe the bubonic plague.
In either way, you shall avenge my death please and thanks.


Looks like @Cyrrex has given everyone his germs

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He sure has! Screw him and his germs.


It’s all part of my evil plan.


I knew it. Do we have to impail your heart with a stake to stop this unholy plague or what’s the deal? I always like visiting Denmark.

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Mate, you’ve already invited me in, it is far too late to resist. Just let it happen.


Okidoki. Sounds less stressful anyways.

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