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Not done yet. (Strongman Koestrizer)

@mr.v3lv3t @jdm135 it’s all good, guys. Those scenarios are certainly a hassle but rarely a dire situation. The city, police etc. are well prepared and equipped to deal with it.

I was actually driving by when the scene unfolded (unknowingly at the time). The bomb was dug up during construction work, as is the case most of the time. The worker operating the excavator apparently didn’t notice right away and loaded the bomb onto a truck together with the regular excavation. Must have been hell of a moment when they realized!




1 11" deadlift (power bar)
4 x 6 @ 152,5 kg

2 snatch grip rdl
4 x 8 @ 95 kg

3 lat pull down
4 x 12

4 Hip thrusts (5 sec ecc.)
4 x 6 @ 105 kg

5 bulgarian split squat
3 x 8 each @ 22,5 kg dbs

Hate this/ you/ me.


  • easy session despite struggling to get out of bed.

This is me every single day, man. The struggle is real.


This was crazy! Schnitzel with a giant of a camembert, fries and dates in bacon with honey.
Food was delicious although the I prefer the dates more ripe (harder, less sweet). Definitely a hefty portion size.


Is that fried cheese on top of the schnitzel??

Yes, a camembert. I don’t think it’s fried but baked. Not sure though.


Pfft. A baked camembert, what are we, peasants?

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All dem calories! Cause the cheese doesn’t have enough fat!

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I know… Yet another food pic! But I made these great looking pulled chicken burgers after my 11h work day.



1 oh squat
4 x 6 @ 60 kg

I always do a drop snatch for the first rep because it’s a fun skill

2 deadlift
3 x 6 @ 167,5 kg
1 x 5 @ 167,5 kg

Set 1 sloppy, set 2 much better. Set 3 and 4 ok. Realized too late that reps were decreased.

3 log lift (clean each, no vipers)
3 x 5 @ 95 kg

Switched to clean once after one set. My lower back isn’t recovered enough. So we’re gonna change that going forward.

4 cable row
4 x 12

5 db windmill
3 x 8 @ 15 kg


  • this was an off day… I hope it’s just the lack of sleep from yesterday night and exhaustion from work but I might be getting sick. I ran out of steam after deadlifts and felt just off and weak.
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THis seems to be happening a lot lately

To me or in general?


In general for sure with the weather change.

In my case I’m not sure I can say as much. I have always been rather prone to things like the common cold or the flu. I’m not surprised I may be getting sick though. I have recurring sleep problems, I work basically 50-60 hours every week and have to learn new things constantly. If you apply something like the salutogenesis model or similar health models, it’s not that surprising. Although tbh the more commonly associated diseases that are influenced by stress factors, are probably more along the lines of back pain, msk issues, mental issues etc.



Didn’t feel sick today. Just incredibly exhausted ans sweating like a waterfall at work. But no symptoms.

1 pause squat
3 x 5 @ 125 kg

2 bench press
5 x 5 @ 105 kg

3 seated box jumps
5 x 3

4 ghr
3 x 4

5 pull ups
5, 5, 4, 3, 3



Sleep is still not playing along like I would like it to. Nutrition is much improved though. Just cooked four meals of salmon, rice and carrots.

Much needed trip to the spa with two mates. Haven’t been in a sauna for way too long.



Taught a class to my fellow physio students about lifting after work. Then I did this workout.

1 deadlift
2 x ? @ 60 kg
5 @ 100 kg
3 @ 140 kg
2 @ 170 kg
1 @ 190 kg
1 @ 205 kg

3 @ 215 kg - PR (+1 rep)

2 log lift (clean once)
2 @ 103,5 kg
0 @ 103,5 kg - near Harakiri
5 x 2 @ 103,5 kg

3 bent over row
3 x 10 @ 85 kg

4 cyclist squats
3 x 15 @ 67,5 kg

Still ouch

5 hanging leg raises
3 x 9 @ 3-4 kg


  • log is fucking wild atm (not in a good way)
  • middle and upper back just dead and buried.
  • good, hard session.
  • Sauna did wonders for my sleep. I slept right through! All 7 hours. Magical. Also woke up naturally 10 minutes before my alarm went off.


That triple at 215 looked pretty smooth, nice work!

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Thanks. I think my deadlift is on track right now. From how it felt I didn’t think a fourth would hsve gone up (although looking at it, it looks like it might) but a little more weight would have been possible. That’s good news for the coming weeks


300kg deadlift here we go!

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