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Not done yet. (Strongman Koestrizer)

Happy Cake day, mate. I know these aren’t necessarily fun days for you, but you got a lot of people in your corner.

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Cake! <3

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Thanks for the well wishes, guys. I don’t care too much for my birthday as it is coming up but I am thankful if people think of me.

Yeah mate, we’re taking on all comers.

Man I get that. I’m not super experienced yet but with 10 shows under my belt, I crave to do things outside of the same 5 things we’re always doing.

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I’m actively avoiding boring comps. If a comp has more than 2 of the following I’m not that interested.
Log - floor to over head reps in 60
Standard deadlift - reps in 60
Duck walk (not because it is popular - it just sucks)

There are so many interesting events that cost almost nothing to add.
Loading medley, tire flips, viking press, axle press, stones, front loaded carry, arm over arm, truck pull, carry and drags.

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Happy Cake day my german friend!

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Happy birthday! Hope the day treats you better than expected.

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1 deadlift
3 x 3 @ 170 kg

2 viking press
6 @ 114,5

3 seated box jumps
5 x 3

4 rope hangs
20 sec


  • hangs much better
  • did two sets with the Novikov strap trick. For this upcoming cycle I want to give this an honest shot. I know Paul isn’t necessarily a fan but if I don’t try this I won’t have it ready to use. It feels right to try out snd I’m gonna pull the majority of my sets like this for a while.
  • all set and done. Comp on Sunday. For non training related reasons I’m pretty burned out but I’ll try to make the weekend as relaxing and refreshing as possible.

I have been under a ton of stress lately. I do feel the effects of that this weekend but still feel good enough heading into the comp. I’m trying to relax today, apart from a big house cleaning, I stayed in bed for a while, will get a massage from a friend shortly, then I’m going on a quick date (walk) and I’ll top off the day with a huge pizza and a hot bubble bath.
My quad is acting up a bit and I wasn’t able to hold on to my body weight (nothing dramatic but I wasn’t able to stop the downward trend).
In general I am satisfied with how I’m handling an objectively very stressful time atm. Some things are bothering me (like my attention span and memory function are trash atm) but given my history of mental illness, I am ready to acknowledge my current state as success.

After my competition, I am going to increase the dose of my medication btw. I was a little surprised by that decision of the doc but I’m willing to give it a try and the reasoning that he delivered was convincing enough. I just wanted to wait until the bulk of exams was done as well as competitions, so I’m in the position to compensate for possible side effects.


Okay THIS was a beauty.
Mozzarella, garlic olives, shrimps, tuna, seasoned with garlic and oregano.


Why would you do this to a poor, innocent pizza. I mean, it looks good…but tuna. You used tuna.

It’s a classic on pizza. The garlic and shrimp combo with a bit of tuna was perfect man!


Just for fun I used your own words “classic on pizza” and ran it through the old google machine and checked the top result. Neither shrimp nor tuna were there. I think someone has been telling you lies, mate.


Pizza tonno is a staple on any pizza restaurant’s menu! I am ready to die on this hill, mate.

I used to have tuna and banana on pizza but then my wife says I have no taste buds and would eat a deep fried dog turd!! :joy:

Banana?! I have to side with your wife on this one, you’re a savage!

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Pot, let me introduce you to Kettle.


You ever find those threads you wander into, immediately regret and try to slowly back out of?

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Don’t knock it till you try it mate :joy:

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I am shocked at how ill received seafood pizzas are here! It’s the most normal thing in the world where I live, haha.
Each to their own, I guess. But I will not be insulted over food by an Englishman!


competition write up

Yesterday I competed at a smaller invitational only competition. A little smaller than anticipated actually because some guys got sick/ injured/ pulled out whatever. So we were only 8 guys in total. Great atmosphere and a fun time nonetheless.

Event 1: Axle squats “wsm style” for max reps in 60 seconds
170 kg, I got 11 reps for a personal best and 4th place.

Winner got 17, what a mad man.
One small hick up: The helper crew got my squat depth wrong and set the platforms too low. So I had to squat lower than what we adjusted it to in the warm ups. It is what it is, no biggie.

Pulled my right hammie though.

Event 2: Arm over arm pull
Done with a tractor + carriage.
Finished in 20.45 sec for a 5th place

This was surprisingly light. I botched the start and then chose a tactic more suited to a heavier pull, which would have given me the edge over some guys if the pull was heavier.

Hammie about to give up one me after this one, haha.

Event 3: Viking press
90 kg in hands (130 kg loaded). I got 15 reps for a 1st place finish.

Nothing to add, great performance, no minus reps for double dipping. 2nd place got 13 legit reps and a few double dips.

Event 4: Carry medley for 12(?) meters each
255 kg super yoke into 105 kg thick handle farmer’s walk.
Finished in 18.02 sec for a 3rd place.

Solid run, the farmer’s were a bit awkward.

Event 5: Husaffell stone carry for max distance in 60 sec
105 kg metal stone, I got 63,37 meters for 4th place.

I was unsure if I should use a belt or not because I was tired and the stone felt heavy, I went with it. That was a mistake. I ran out of oxygen before all else failed.

Wrapped my hammie up with the knee wraps. Solid compression.

Event 6: Hercules hold
55(?) kg per hand with thick handles. I held it for 1.10,82 min which was only 6th place.

All in all I ended up in 4th place and missed the podium by only 2 points! Which is a bit frustrating.

I think I had a really good showing and a fun day for sure. Happy with the win on the press and my squat performance in particular. Medley was good as well. Grip needs work.

The show was really well done with custom throphys and personalized shirts that featured our names and the flag of our federal state. Great experience and I’m looking forward to next year.

Another interesting detail is, that the host actually only invites athletes who are drug free, even though we all otherwise compete in “normal” strongman. Interesting to see how I stack up in such a line up.