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Not done yet. (Strongman Koestrizer)


I remember the castle! Really beautiful hike

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Oh I didn’t realize you already visited. I thought you wanted to but never went (Germany that is, not the castle in particular)

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Sorry for ambiguous wording. I’ve been (sadly only once)

Ive always loved Germany and a couple years ago, mum and dad finally took me. It was amazing. Felt like home even though it was my first time there.

When I graduate, I want to spend a god month or two just living there

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Ahhhh so nice


Just found out the events for my upcoming competition on the 4th of September.

Car deadlift for reps
Axle clean and press for reps 105 or 125 kg
Frame carry 250 kg 40 m (2x20m)
Sandbag carry for max distance 120 kg

Those are probably my 3 biggest weaknesses combined in one comp. Whatever, I am not one to back down. Lots of opportunity to grow.


Leaving Munich. I seem to be here once a year since I moved away. An amazing city that I’m glad to have lived in but I also notice how present some painful memories are that crawl to the surface whe I’m here.




  1. SL iso knee raise hang
    3 x 20 sec

  2. banded iso + eccentric hip flexor contraction
    2 x 20-30 sec with blue band

1 oh squat
4 x 6 @ 60 kg

2 wsm axle squat (set 1-3 with wraps, 4th sleeves)
4 x 5 @ 156 kg

Sorry Paul I made a mistake in my plate math and went over what you prescribed.

3 axle clean and press (clean each)
5 x 3 @ 91 kg

4 sandbag carry
4 x 21m @ 125 kg

5 hollow rocks
3 x 20


  • I need to start bringing an intra workout
  • the change from wraps to no wraps caught me by surprise and I almost failed the first rep. Axle also kept sliding up my back.
  • I really had to drag my arse there but this turned out to be a great session. Very exhausting though.
  • I don’t expect anyone but my cosch to watch these videos btw., they’re getting kinda long because I include everything that’s heavy, technical or comp relevant.


1 eccentric banded hip flexor lifts
2 x until really hard, blue band

2 reverse nordic curls
3 x 8-10 green band


1 deadlift
3 x 5 @ 175 kg

much better than previous weeks

2 viking press
3 x 8 @ 90 kg (in plates, no idea how to transfer this or how much exactly it was in hands)

Easy to press, I just have no idea about technique (especially how close I have to stand to the thing. So I did all three sets a little differently). Could have gone higher for a true RPE 8 but I think this was a solid start.

3 seated box jumps
5 x 3

4 sandbag carry
3 x 50 m @ 100 kg

These really sucked arse today. But I know actually measured the distance of one lane and it turns out it was a honest 10m all along.

5 pull ups
3 x “4-5”

I just don’t have the strength at the end of the session for these anymore.

Hamstrings pretry trashed. I’ll take it easy the next days and cut back a little on alcohol and trash food, because I feel kinda sluggish.
Pretty happy with this workout overall. Tomorrow I’m meeting up with Nils, the owner, who is prepping for a strongman beginner show and we’re gonna work on our axle presses.

That reminds me @dicksharpe how close to Magdeburg are you?



1 axle clean and press (clean each)
5 x 2 @ 101 kg

2 car deadlift
5 x 5 @ 240 kg (last set belted)

3 bent over row
4 x 10 @ 70 kg, 4 se eccentric

4 step ups
3 x 10 @ 30 kg dbs

5 one arm hangs
3 x 10 sec


  • very fun and productive training session today
  • axle was solid. Looking forward to building some confidence and trying some heavier weights.
  • I experimented a good bit with the car deadlift and decided I like the rounded back position best to maximize my levers.
  • really surprised myself with those hangs. I didn’t think I would be able to do those.

Oh my goodness yes. Especially if we’re talking a side handle set up. Trying to squat the weight up is exhausting, but letting that back round and bringing in the hips is magic.

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Absolutely! That last set felt so efficient! Definitely continuing with this and using it in the upcoming comp.

About four and a half hours. What show is he prepping for, the one up north next weekend?

He is prepping for a private beginner to intermediate show of someone I know from a few years back (and have met through this very forum, haha). It’s the 28th of August.
Arm over arm pull
Last man standing axle
Front hold
Carry medley

I’m gonna potentially be a ref.



1 hanging iso knee raise
3 x 25 sec

2 reverse nordic curls
3 x 8 with blue band


1 oh squat
4 x 6 @ 60 kg

2 wsm axle squat
4 x 5 @ 161 kg (wraps)

3 axle clean and press (clean each)
5 x 3 @ 96 kg

4 sandbag carry
3 x 25m @ 125 kg

5 hollow rocks
4 x 20


  • Got some feedback from Paul for the axle and tried to work it in. It worked good but the real test will be the heavier weights.
    I also asked the organizers: We are allowed to do belt cleans but the buckle must be on the back. No big deal for me. It’s the same on the sandbag run, which is a bit more of a deal.
  • Spotted my mate on his 270 x 5 squat set today… I think I was at least as nervous as he was, haha.
  • my own squats went much much smoother than in previous weeks. I’m starting to get the hang of these axle squats.
  • all in all great training session! I was in the gym for 4+ hours today, haha. Just shooting the shit and we had coffee and cake in the afternoon. Never been a member of a gym that great with such a good community.


Box I was feeling yesterday’s training today.

Eccentric banded hip things

1 deadlift
3 x 5 @ 180 kg

2 viking press
3 x 8 @ 107 kg

3 seated box jumps
5 x 3

4 sandbag carry
4 x 50m @ 100 kg

5 incline db row
3 x 12 @ 25 kg


  • Actually brought a scale and measured the viking press weights today. Easy going. BUT I asked the comp organizer and showed him my video and he said I have to stand way more upright. He sent me a video of his apparatus and to replicate it better, I’ll have to set the base part of mine higher.
  • damn training is hard atm. I love it but those back to back sandbag days are killing me.

Mate, keep it clean in here.

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My fingers are too fat … for my phone’s keyboard to be precise! (for some of the dirtier gentlemen in here)!



Didn’t feel too good heading into this one.

1 axle clean and press
5 x 2 @ 105 kg

2 car deadlift
2 x 5
1 x 4

Can’t even guess how heavy this was. I loaded 200 kg in plates and it felt incredibly heavy. Left it at that when I failed the 5th. Gave me a bit of a headache.

3 yoke
10 x 10-15m @ 220 kg - all around 4 sec mark

I measured 10 steps, so probably closer to 15m

4 husaffell stone carry
20-30 m @ 100 kg
30-45 m @ 100 kg
2 x 50-75 m @ 100 kg

This took trial and error to figure out.


  • I am in Hamburg over the weekend visiting a friend. I’m training in a pretty well equipped gym, so I’m making these sessions count.
  • session kicked my arse and now (next morning) I am already feeling heavy DOMS

Looked like a lot of nice reps in a nice gym!

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Ok so schedule is a bit out of place. Yesterday I asked a friend (and classmate), whom I thought was also in Hamburg if she wanted to hang out with us. She answered she is at her family’s vacation home with two of her friends at the east sea but it’s only two hours and we should swing by.
Best spantenous decision ever! The vacation home was phenomenal and we had a giant lake there pretty much all to us (not open to the public and the only place you can enter from is on her family’s premise - all a bit surreal for a broke bloke like me but hey). We spent a fun night drinking and a phenomenal day on out on the lake today.

That all meant that I had to move today’s session to tomorrow because we arrived back in Hamburg so late and wanted to go out in the evening. That’s no big deal because I won’t be able to train half the week anyway because I’m going on a kajak tour with some friends through the Spreewald region. It’s not an ideal contest prep atm (all the travelling, subpar food and amount if alcohol) but I think I’m still putting in decent effort and at the end of the day strongman isn’t the only thing in my life and I don’t want it to be. I think all these hedonistic exploits are doing me good atm.