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Not done yet. (Strongman Koestrizer)

Not something I’m very knowledgeable about in general. I assume you mean a dislocation of the patella?

To him or in general? If it happens to him frequently, he might want to look into surgery but don’t take that as medical advice please.

Regarding your question: It’s not that easy as a patient to identify a good physio, depending on your own believes about the body, illness and pain etc. because you might be faced with approaches going against your own confirmation bias. A simple example: If you think vertebraes or your SI joint can misalign and you want your physio to realign them but he tells you that’s simply not possible, you’d probably think of him as a bad physio, even though he is objectively right. You know what I mean?

There is a lot more on that topic but I’m on my phone, so just a few pointers: A good physio will place emphasis on adequate education, use up to date models to explain pain and disfunction, will go for an active approach and only use passive treatments when they’re justified (which isn’t that often), he will concentrate on the cause of your issues and not only the symptoms, he will form a therapeutic alliance with the patient but won’t make them dependant of him and teach them to help themselves.

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I think?

This. I think he has an unstable joint or something, like how pwn dislocated his shoulder on a semi-regular basis. He’s also weak so there’s inadequate musculature to keep it in place

Thanks! I’ll share those

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Unilateral leg raise iso hold
3 x 15 sec per side

Isometric deadbug hip flexor hold
3 x 15 sec per side with blue band

1 oh squat
4 x 6 @ 60 kg

2 wsm squat
4 x 5 @ 146 kg (bar is 36 kg)

3 push press
3 x 8 @ 87,5 kg

4a incline db row
3 x 12 @ 32,5 kg

4b hollow rocks
4 x 18


  • axle squats felt better than last week, as predicted by Paul. Still awkward and more difficult than my regular back squat
  • easy session but I’ve been feeling really off for a couple if days now. I’m not sure what it is and I’m honestly hoping for a stress reaction because if I’m about to get sick right when my holidays and vacation starts, I’m going to have a fucking meltdown. For that reason I also skipped cardio today, just to be safe.


Starting to feel better compared to the last couple of days.

1 deadlift
3 x 5 @ 170 kg

Still not too happy with this but the last set felt like things were clicking again.

2 axle clean and press (clean each rep)
5 x 3 @ 93 kg

On rep 2 of set 3 I did a cheeky strict press. Just to show (myself) I can.

Belt cleans are allowed at our comps btw.

3 seated box jumps
5 x 3

love these

4 bench press
4 x 5 @ 105 kg

hate these. Technique was a mess but working on it. I think we should stay at this weight for another week. Damn man, is there anyone as shitty at bench as me?

5 pull ups
4 x 4

6 concept 2 rower
slow 2500m row


I have a bit of a bum left shoulder. There has been some signs over the last couple of days that something was a bit off (tight traps for example). Bench pressing exacerbated that. Nothing major or to worry about. I’m doing some banded movement stuff throughout the day and it should be fine. If not, I’ll maybe reduce lifting by a day next week or so.


Showoff bastard.



I obviously meant it as a compliment.

You becoming soft, mate?

Wouldn’t take it any other way, haha.

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Not sure what you mean, mate, I have always been this kind and cuddly.



Reverse nordic curls
3 x 10 green band

Banded hip flexor iso lift
3 x 15 sec blue band

1 log lift
2 x 1 @ 108,5 kg
2 @ 108,5 kg
2 x 1 @ 108,5 kg

2 squat
3 @ 110 kg - nope from the injured quad

Box squats instead (no belt or sleeves)
8 @ 110 kg - high box
8 @ 110 kg - narrow(er) stance and lower box
8 @ 110 kg - in between stance and again lowered box

Just trying to see what I can do. This still hit the legs pretty good.

3 bent over row
4 x 9 @ 70 kg - 4 sec eccentric

4 step ups
3 x 10 per leg @ 30 kg DBs

5 leg raises
3 x 11


  • this was a shit show! I think the stress of the last weeks just got to me. I’m feeling more random pains and niggles and today I absolutely lacked power with weights that should have been no issue at all.
  • one more (very early) session tomorrow and then I’m off to Bavaria for the start of my holidays. Due to the schedule being dodgy anyway and me not being recovered despite the individual workouts really not being that hard, I suggested to tone next week’s training down to three days instead of 4 and start on Wednesday.

Holy crap your hamstrings are strong. When I tried these, I got a grand total of 2in up before falling on my face :joy:

Reverse! It’s for the quads. The first exercise in the video. The hams only assist in hip extension there.

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Enjoy your holiday mate. Have a few good beers for me.

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The gym owner opened the gym 45 minhtes early juwt so I could get my workout in before I had to catch my train to Munich. That’s true love right there.

1 paused deadlift (3 sec below the knee on ecc.)
3 x 5 @ 150 kg

Broke out the belt because I did this first thing in the morning.

2 push press
4 x 3 @ 107,5 kg

Did the first beltless and all without sleeves. Not even sure what I’m trying to prove.

3 sandbag carry
4 x 50m @ 100 kg

4a slowmo front foot elevated split squats (focus on even pelvis) - rehab
2 x 8

4b pull ups
2 x 4

Had to run at this point


  • it was a bit hard to do this early in the morning after lifting yesterday evening and spending a lovely evening at an all you can eat Flammkuchen (google: Tarte?) restaurant.
  • Push press got better with each set. Need to remember to bring the speed from the start.
  • coach agreed with my idea to only do three sessions next week. I think that’s a good idea to take action before we’re actually forced to react.

Enjoy the trip. Bet the quad feels better when you return.

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Thanks man. Well we’re planning a big hike in the mountains for tomorrow, haha. But taking one day out next week and squatting only once will hopefully go a long way.

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Visited the famous Schloss Neuschwanstein today. Probably one of the most famous castles there is because of the awesome photographs and scenery that exist.
We were massively hungover (see the pic for the unfiltered reality, haha) but it was a nice day trip from Munich.

@anna_5588 you might appreciate the pics.



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