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Not done yet. (Strongman Koestrizer)

And it may or may not impress blonde girls.

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Wouldn’t that be to toss someone off?

I’m gonna pass on the girl in that case. I’d like to think of myself as not that desperate but check back with me in the future.

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Soreness is much better this week. Still, my traps are absolutely feeling those cleans.

1 log lift (clean each rep)
6 x 2 @ 103,5 kg

2 paused front squats
4 x 5 @ 102,5 kg

3 bent over row - 4 sec eccentric
4 x 8 @ 70 kg

4 sandbag carry
4 x 40m @ 100 kg

5 Hanging leg raises
4 x 10


  • this was a tough and sweaty one.
  • gor a decent amount of vipers (every first but also some doubles). All PRs

Remember that? Lol. What a zinger.


1 paused deadlift (3 sec. Pause below knee on eccentric; beltless)
3 x 5 @ 145 kg

2 push press (beltless, didn’t bring my inzer)
4 x 3 @ 100 kg

A lot of focus went into remembering not to double dip

3 farmer’s walk
6 x20m @ 111 kg per hand

Had a good 20m track in that gym, so I took advantage

4 walking lunges
4 x20m @ 20 kg

5 pull ups


  • visited a friend and trained at a gym I used to work in. Fun times, we went out to a buffet and some long walks after.
  • farmer’s were rusty but I’m satisfied considering how long it’s been.
  • all in all great session. Body is trashed at the end of this week but in a good way.

Had a massage again yesterday, which makes my legs feel very good today.

Also I restaurated my axle yesterday with success! Well as far as I can tell @guineapig :



1 oh squat
4 x 6 @ 60 kg

2 wsm squat w axle
4 x 5 @ 141 kg

3 push press
3 x 8 @ 85 kg

4 incline db row
4 x 10 @ 32,5 kg

5 hollow rocks
3 x 18


  • the axle made the squat a lot more awkward than expected!
  • also I’m making plans to get my quad checked out/ fixed
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1 deadlift (switched to dl bar and belt)
3 x 5 @ 165 kg

2 clean and push press (clean each)
2 x 3 @ 90 kg

Axle clean and push press (clean each)
3 x 3 @ 91 kg

3 seated box jumps
5 x 3

4 bench press
1 x 4 @ 112,5 kg
3 x 5 @ 100 kg

5 pull ups
5, 4, 3 spent

6 concept 2 rower
10 minutes, stroke rate must be above 22 s/m - 2289m


  • I kept failing the 90 kg cleans so I thought if I have to do continentals, I might as well use the axle. Haven’t done this in what… 2 years?
  • bench: Ben was there today again to further work on my bench. I made some improvements but dropped the weight today. I could have prbably grinded out 4x5 at 112,5 kg but I want to give his texhnique an actual try, cause the in person coaching from him is definitely good. I also made an appointment with him to work on my quad (he’s the physio I mentioned here and there)

Seeing some nasty weather up there. You all good ?

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Yeah the floods are absolutely crazy! Luckily where I live it’s all sunshine and rainbows.

45 dead, whole villages evacuated, hospitals needed emergency evacuation, infrastructure crumbling and so many homes lost…


81 this morning… holy shit

It is really crazy news coming out of Germany right now, really sorry to hear it. (But good to hear that it is not where you live)

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We’re not traditionally the country that you’d associate with climate catastrophes. And still there are a lot of people denying that climate change is happening…

Yeah, it is getting really hard to ignore the evidence. Have a feeling, that the window for doing something about it has more or less shut - that we are fast approaching a series of tipping points that will alter our world for good.


I hope you’re wrong but I am inclined to agree on that. Or rather I don’t think that we will be able to make globally significant changes in time since capitalistic economical growth just ranks higher and to change that would take far more time than we have.
Might as well concentrate on terraforming Mars or something, haha.


Well, there is a reason all the billionaires are pouring money into space crafts I guess…

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Feeling a good bit of fatigue… it’s time for the upcoming holidays.

1 log lift
6 x 2 @ 106 kg

Well this was an extremely mixed bag with everything ranging from brilliant to near death experience. Tried to do most as vipers. Really need to work on my mental focus and attacking each set with full concentration.

2 paused front squats
4 x 5 @ 105 kg

3 bent over row (4 sec. eccentric)
4 x 9 @ 70 kg

4a step ups
2 x 10 per leg @ 30 kg dumbbells

4b hanging leg raises
2 x 11

Both cut short by one set cause I was runnjng out of time.


  • my quad is a bit fucked up right now. I origially injured it in January and it has been an issue since but is currently getting worse. I’m going for a treatment on Monday with a physio I have gotten to know (and nentioned here - the bench guy). I have high hopes/ trust in him, only problem is, he’s very expensive.

Allso went to the spa tonight with two mates for some recovery and relaxation.


I say it still counted.

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Wasn’t able to fall asleep until 5.30 am. So combined with the systemic fatigue I felt like absolute garbage going into this.

1 paused deadlifts (3 sec on eccentric below knee)
3 x 5 @ 147,5 kg

2 push press
4 x 3 @ 105 kg

3 sandbag carry
3 x 50m @ 100 kg

Last set shouldered

4 pull ups

I skipped the lunges.

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Saw the physio today. I think I made the right choice and learned a lot and established a good connection for the future.

As I expected he didn’t touch me much (pro tip for everyone who isn’t really up to speed on the latest physiotherapy developments: If your physio only work hands on, he’s not worth the time). Anyway, he did a quick assesment and passive movement check for the quad/ hip flexor and then concentrated on pelvic movement control and stability as well as segmental spinal mobility. Just alround lots of stability and movement control assesments. Very good stuff, learned some good ques and applications.
He said that my movement control, stability and strength is very good overall.

The plan is to implement a few specific drills that he has shown me with the specific technical details (mainly pelvic movement control and awareness) while also watching the overall load on the area for the senstivie patterns (working on that with Paul obviously but it shouldn’t take too much changes tbh, I should just be a bit mindful) since the cause of injury was most likely simply overuse (asking more of the structure than it was prepared to deliver. If the muscle or tendon is injured isn’t clear nor is it important for the therapy.

For about 4 weeks I’m going to focus mainly on isometric strength. Then another 4 weeks of mainly eccentric and introducing concentric as well as explosive drills.

He has shown me progressions for every exercise and very detailed technical cues.
All in all I think I definitely got my money’s worth working with Ben ans now it’s up to me to implement his coaching. He has yet to send me the list of things he wants me to do but from memory (no idea what the exercises are actually named):

Unilateral knee raises (isometric hold at the top)

Banded isometric hip flexion (lying on the back, band around the knee which pulls into extension). Hold against the band tension, after a while include eccentric work (if I have a partner to push my leg up again) and then concentric

Reverse nordic curls with band support

Internal hip rotation eccentric stretch thingy

Deep lunge, front foot elevated. This sounds simple enough but the way we did it, it was absolutely brutal. I’m probably going to replace lunges with those for the time being.

High knees, first as isometrics, then with a fast switch and strong brace/ hip control

I think I forgot something. Will update when I get his mail. Might also video the things now that they are still somewhat fresh in my memory. The good thing is that I frequently see Ben in the gym anyway and can ask him questions and update him on the quad.


Since you are knowledgeable about physios, I thought I’d ask.

My friend dislocated his knee very badly (this happens quite regularly apparently) and the Dr. said he should go see a physio, but he doesn’t know what to look for to ID the good ones from the quacks.

Aside from

what else should he be looking out for?