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Not done yet. (Strongman Koestrizer)


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I’ve only lived in two countries. One where there isn’t public healthcare until you’re 65 and the other where the system is more or less chronically overloaded and all the money in the world won’t get you decent care unless you have connections

In terms of harm to society and self, sylosiban and MDMA appear to be the “least harmful”. I honestly don’t understand the logic of categorizing them as “schedule 1”, especially given the potential benefits

That is socialized medicine in a nutshell. Here in DK, private insurance has become a big thing now, which offers better alternatives when those kinds of situations come up. Of course, that assumes you work for a company willing to pay for it.

Private insurance here is for the self employed, civil servants of a certain rank (mine is not high enough, haha) and the wealthy. It’s a two lane system, or rather kidn of a two class system tbh. Private insurance has way better margins for medical practioners and therefore you have a vastly different experience in the healthcare system, if you have private insurance. Standard, socialized healthcare is still very good and can get you far … but only so far.


I find myself with very little hunger and even less appetite. Since I keep losing weight and it’s not intentional anymore, I switched to high caloric foods so I have to eat less and can still maintain my bodyweight. That’s not optimal for body composition but I think it’s still a viable option for now instead of losing more weight. Aesthetically speaking, losing more fat is not a bad thing but I already lost so much that it’s bound to have a negative effect on training if I just keep at it. The plan is to stabilize at 116-118 and eventually slowly get to 120 kg again.

Tried yoga for the first time today. Did two short flows and it was really difficult! The cliches about the big guy trying yoga might be true. Or I am just trained very disbalanced (mainly one muscle quality + little cardio). Still, it wasn’t bad per se. I would love to learn from someone in person though. I disliked following the person on the screen and she was too fast for me a lot of the time. I like her voice though and do some of her guided meditations.

The cold is on the mend and I think I might return to training as soon as tomorrow.

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Yep, I would link it for you but it’s in German. Do you have any specific recommendations?

You can run YouTube at a slower playback speed (you just won’t like the voice as much!).

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Did some yoga again yesterday.

1 oh squat
4 x 6 @ 45 kg

2 deadlifts
3 x 6 @ 160 kg

3 broad jumps
5 x 3

4 one arm db strict press
3 x 11 @ 25 kg

5 wide grip shrugs
4 x 15 @ 110 kg

6 hollow holds
3 x 40 sec @ 5 kg plates


  • Pulled with the bar without any flex. Hate it compared to my beautiful deadlift bar
  • also pulled something in my left lateral rib region. I’m sure it’s benign. Maybe I was off centre.
  • overall good session after a week off

On YouTube

She has an upper body video as well

Otherwise I remain a fan of Down Dog App and for people that don’t like yoga but need to do some recovery mobility work ROMWOD


How’s the back doing?

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Thanks for the reminder! Is that free to use or pay?

It’s great! I’m deadlifting 4 times a week and do plenty of other core intense exercises but the back is feeling stellar.

Have I lost my natty card here, btw.?

Uhm, don’t know. It’s currently free for students and health care workers I think? To like, July 1st. Need an .edu address but whenever I’ve been in touch with them for other things they are super friendly so if you don’t have one of those but are studying (yes?) they might help you out anyway

Well… kinda. Issa complicated. I’m employed, learning a trade and studying all at once. But I have a university email adress, so I could try! Thanks.


That’s amazing!

Only if the reason you can do it is drugs!


Nope, just your sanity card

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The whisky does help but I guess I’m good then, haha.

Oh that thing is long gone!

But on a more serious note, the reason I can pull this off is that I a) lift at reasonably low percentages and b) am a weak deadlifter overall. Someone pulling 700 lbs would probably struggle a bit more with the same percentages. Then again as far as I’m aware my coach is also pulling 4 times a week currently, deadlifts 800 lbs and is a lifetime natty/ lunatic.

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1 power clean (once) into push jerks
5 x 8 @ 90 kg

Switched to the power bar cause coach said while the deadlift bar is closer to an olympic bar, the power bar is more similar to an axle.

2 floating deadlifts - 3 sec. eccentric
4 x 5 @ 135 kg

3 floor press
3 x 15 @ 75 kg

4 bent over row
3 x 12 @ 100 kg

5 lunges
3 x 12 per leg @ 45 kg

I was supposed to only do 10 per leg and it kills me.

6 side bends
4 x 10 per side @ 25 kg


  • I had two decent cleans, both not on film, haha.
  • @Voxel: I am not sure if you’re still looking to improve your lat involvement in deadlifts but if so, look no further than exercise number 2! It’s crazy good to really feel and engage the lats.
  • overall quite good session. Pressing is not feeling strong atm but I think a good bit of that is circumstancial. It’s getting really cold outside. If it wasn’t for the fact that I have no roof, I’d much prefer this setup to a gym.