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Not done yet. (Strongman Koestrizer)


1 oh squat (no deep box available)
3 x 8 @ 45 kg

2 squat (no sleeves but belt)
5 x 3 @ 135 kg

I find the transition into regular squats surprisingly tricky. Feels unfamiliar somehow.
Set 3-5 finally looked like it was done with some intent.

3 power clean
5 x 3 @ 80 kg

Looked a little bit easier than they felt. I think I it made ‘click’ on set 4. That felt much better than the previous 3!

4 box jumps
5 x 3

5 btn strict press
3 x 12 @ 47,5 kg

Why are these so hard? Lol. Definitely challenging for the shoulders. The jerks from btn are more comfortable

6 lat pull down
4 x 15

7 cardio
Riding the bike to and from this further away gym. 20 minutes. Also kidding I wasn’t in the mood to stay any longer.


  • left shoulder still bothering me. Will hopefully figure itself out over the weekend.
  • between squat set 3 and 4, I got a call from my dad who said that my dog will have to die tomorrow. Lately it looked like we can save her but now the vet says there’s nothing he can do anymore. We always said we won’t let them suffer just because we can’t let go. I have a short day at school tomorrow and since it is my dog, I will drive over and bring her in personally. I wouldn’t have to per se but I would deem it incredibly disrespectul to that sweet little animal if I wasn’t with her in her final hours.
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Rest in peace Nala, thank you for 15 wonderful years.

My little bear was put down peacefully by the vet today. It was the right call, I knew it and so did she (dogs know when they’re about to die and try to hide away from the rest, refuse to eat, etc.). This week alone she was at the vet 6 times and ultimately the vet assured us this was the way to go and also the right point in time.

The family wanted to get pizza for the funeral feast. I originally wanted to follow my instinct to train tonight but I joined in instead to not upset them.
So digging the grave was the only sport today. This was the first genuine cheat meal in one month of dieting. Wouldn’t have needed it at all under different circumstances.


Awwww man…so sorry. Sending thoughts your way.


Adorable little pup, all the best man.


Sorry to here dude.

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Definitely the right call, sorry to hear about Nala.


Thanks guys, I scratched her behind the ear for as long as she was alive. She looked me in the eye instead of focusing on the vet. I think this was a good way to go for her. I’m glad I was there with her.



Doesn’t matter what you did the night before or whatever else is going on, 100 kg is always 100 kg. If you don’t find that appealing, you need to find something else to do.

1 paused front squat (first set beltless)
5 x 3 @ 100 kg

Satisfied with these! Felt very controlled and like quality movement. Only 100 kg but maybe my core has gotten stronger.

2 toes to bar
4 x 6

3 step up jumps
5 x 3 per leg

4 btn push jerk
4 x 5 @ 95 kg

Not sure if my mobility is really up for this. In theory a fun exercise.

5 db row
3 x 10 @ 40 kg


  • I think the movement qualitiy of btn pressing is getting worse instead of better tbh.
  • good and smooth session. Great to be back in the cheese factory for once.
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119,3 (13.10.)
119,3 (14.10.)
118,8 (15.10.)
118,5 (16.10.)
118,7 (17.10.)
119,6 (18.10.) Meh.
119,2 (19.10.)

119,5 chest (+0,5)
109 belly (-2)
78,5 leg (-0,5)
45,5 arm (0)
Weekly average 119,1 kg (-0,8)
Not as satisfied