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Not done yet. (Strongman Koestrizer)

Belated happy birthday!

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Thanks buddy!

@Voxel I finally listened to the Stanford university lecture you linked.
I found the simplistic description of what depression is to be one of the bests yet for people who want an introduction to the topic. Not necessarily the most compelling/ emphatic explanation but very accurate and depending on your point of view that’s worth more. Depends on your intention of why you are interested in the topic.

He made brilliant points on vegetative symptoms and especially psychomotor retardation and internal stress response! That was speaking to me a lot!

All in all it was a very interesting video, thanks for the link!
I just wish he would’ve also presented a solution, haha. I actually know that I don’t have elevated cortisol levels and no thyroid issues either at this point. That would’ve been neat.

I’m glad you liked it. I haven’t watched any of his other lectures yet but there seems to be tons. I have some thoughts on what you’ve written here but too tired to provide a decent reply so I’ll try and circle back to it soon enough.

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I was thoroughly appreciative that he highlighted just how much of an impact it has. It’s not merely a perpetual state of being morose, but something that affects the mind and the body quite severely. As a friend of mine said, talking about one’s own experience with depression only ever seems to hold any value when speaking with someone similarly affected as it’s not comprehensible to those that have merely observed it in others.

Aye, these rung true for me as well. And when he spoke of sleep, my reaction was essentially “can you please stop speaking of me to a room full of people, please?”. It also explains why some days emptying the dishwasher will take a full hour.

I’m not certain what he was saying is that you’d see continously elevated levels of cortisol, but rather that you develop a sensitivity to its effects? Almost as if one develops an allergy to it. Looking back in my own life I recall that as a child I’d envision a lot of bad things to wit I had a genuine stress response. The problems were entirely imaginery, but the tears were real (emotional child). Maybe that laid the foundation for eventually succumbing as a late-teen and early adult when problems became real.

I’m not entirely confident in the allergy-allegory either, as I maintain that I feel as if I manage acute stress very well still but not as resistant to chronic stress.

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I will get back to this.

Slept 6.5 uninterrupted hours last night for a PR this week.
Ate really big today and having a few drinks tonight to help with sleep and nerves (yeah yeah, I know that this is not what you’re supposed to do. I know what I’m doing). Also had an epsom salt bath which is great for relaxation and an excellent sleeping aid.
My friend is accompanying me, which I appreciate a lot. No one of us needs to say it but I know he’s doing it because he wants to support me in tough times, not because he’s looking forward to spending his day in a parking lot in Stendal. Great guy!

So let’s get ready to rumble guys! It’s been a short prep without a lot of event practise so I’ll just take what’s there and not worry about the rest.

Edit: Oh and I’m going for that 120 kg log, whatever happens (well despite literally failing warm ups). I’ll give it fucking everything!


Great news on the sleep pr, good timing!

Oh yea, smash it! Good luck on the comp looking forward to the videos and right up!

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Good luck tomorrow! I’m looking forward to hearing how it went.

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Good luck hoss!

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19.09. German cup competition in Stendal

Okay I will update this with the accurate data as soon as it’s online but here we go with my results. It’s also really handy that I can compare my results to what I did last year in this competition (it wasn’t exactly the same but also featured yoke, log and the tire on the same terrain etc.)

Event 1: Yoke walk
Warmed up with 200 kg for maybe 8 meters and back, 240 kg for maybe 5m and then 280 kg for 1-2 m and that was it for actual yoke warm up.

I did 300 kg for 20 m in 12.16 seconds (unofficial score, that’s what I remember. This was the 5th best time!)

Last year I did 290 kg for 20 m in 16,56 seconds - huge improvement!!!

Event 2
Okay this was tricky, but it was the same for everyone. I have said it before and I’ll say it again: The log we use at the German cup competitions is fucking awful! Really slippery and just a pain to balance and use in general. Much worse though was the fact that we had to look directly into the sun after we cleaned the log which caused most guys to lose track of where they are and resulted in a lot of tumbling and dancing around with the log. We asked Heinz during warm ups if we couldn’t face in the other direction but he said no (probably because the banners of sponsors were supposed to be in the background for photos).
I had every intention of going for 120 kg but warm ups were super hectic. I got to do 30 kg, 70 kg x 1, 90 kg x 1 and then right after that they wanted us to leave the logs and start the event. I panicked a little, threw on 110 and wanted to bang that out quickly and failed the press after an awful “clean”. So I went with 100 kg, which was the right call under these circumstances.

Did 3 reps at 100 kg

  • last year I did 1 rep and my comp best is 2 reps, so this is a comp PR but I have done more in training. I always under perform on this log.

Event 3

350 kg tire flip for 6 reps

I don’t know my time. It was bad but another huge improvement to last year!! Last year I managed only 2 flips, this time I grinded all 6 out.

Event 4: Carry medley (105 kg farmer’s for 20m into 100 kg keg for 10m onto 1,20m and 110 kg sandbag for nearly same distance and same height)

I won’t know my time until it is released online. I did okay. Those particular farmer’s are a bitch and fatigue was setting in big time. Made a mistake with the sandbag and kinda slammed that thing into my diaphragm - that really hurt my whole back… and belly … and everything, lol.

Event 5: Weight for height

This is where it all went tits up. I am pretty certain (again, waiting for the results) that I had a top ten placing at this point, which was a first and at a German cup is kind of a big deal (to me). It’s very respectable among our community so to say.

I had no fucking clue how any of this worked and it showed. I zeroed the event and that cost me BIG TIME! Couldn’t even get 1 bag over :’( .


I ended up in 15th place which is still the best placing I have had in this league to date. I have made some noticeable improvements and hit some comp PRs. I really can’t complain about today’s performance and I think I am on the right path here. Given that I had only a very short prep (on purpose) and didn’t actually practice events much, this was a good showing.
My friend from Bavaria ended up taking 4th with a very convincing showing. He could have placed even better but made some mistakes. I see him winning one of these next year, no doubt.
My gratitude goes out to him, my friend who accompanied me and sacrificed his whole Saturday (one of a kind in terms of friendship), my coach Paul and all of you guys on T-Nation!


Great effort! The weight for hight didn’t go as planned (but you got a little roll around out of it!) But good improvements, good learning and great that you’re on the right path for future comps!


Good job mate, especially considering the year you have had. You should feel good about your showing here. Well done. :muscle:

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Great job man! Hell of a showing, especially for such a short prep. You’ve come so far hombre.

Definitely earned yourself some of that fest beer.

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Think u gotta say Kobe before throwing anything for it to count. RIP

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Seconded although I’d say “years”

@Koestrizer you’re a star!

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Great showing and impressive improvements, especially on yoke and tire! That top ten placing is only a matter of time.

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Awesome work dude.

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Thanks to all of you. I appreciate your support very much and am happy to have you guys following along, pushing me and listening to my bullshit!

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Next up to start the off season is a little diet.
I am dissatisfied with my looks, oddly enough when I am clothed. When I don’t wear a shirt, I am okay with how I look most of the time (it flactuates of course), but clothed I don’t like the way my stomach looks and in general there’s no doubt that I am a noticeably big guy but I don’t like it when people have to guess if I am because I lift or am just big.

I don’t plan on getting crazy jacked or anything, I just want to lose a few kg, improve my physique and set myself up to gain weight again in my build up for the next season.I plan to grow into my weight again but with more quality weight. Also growing into the season obviously is a better setup for greater strength gainz. Coach is okay with me going in a calorie deficit. He agrees about this being a good point in time.

I don’t have a lot of experience with dieting. One thing I will absolutely not do is count calories again! Also I need to keep strength and athletic performance in mind throughout. Other than that, this looks like a good start:

If someone has tips for me, I’m all ears. I want to tag one person because of his great success in dieting without counting calories: @T3hPwnisher, any tips mate?

Starting stats as of this morning:
123,9 kg (which already is on the low end despite eating really big these last few days)
45,5 cm upper arm (flexed)
117 cm chest (relaced)
115 cm belly (relaxed)
79 cm upper leg (relaxed)

Might also do some progress pictures to track progress. Are those done better in the morning as well or in the evening ok?

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