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Not done yet. (Strongman Koestrizer)

@TX_iron thanks man, if only my deadlift would follow that example, haha.

@mortdk yep, you (and @FlatsFarmer, @Allberg) are right. It’s probably just been a little much for my cns. Today went prett much the same. I’ll deload pretty ‘agressively’ or the opposite of aggressive, depending on how you interpret it.


1 bench press
up to
3 @ 100 kg
1 @ 110 kg
fail @ 120 kg

So, what happened is this: The bar felt really shaky when I unracked and for some reason, I felt very high pressure on my biceps, even at the lower weights. I have noticed that a couple of times already but not to this extend. Then on the unrack and eccentric of the 120 kg, it straight up hurt my biceps, especially the right one. Therefore I didn’t attempt a press.
From here I decided to just try my new toys and leave it at that.

2 viking press
The bar + grip + 1 plate weighed 31 kg. So I am assuming bar + grip 11 kg in hands and then add weight of the plates.
I worked up in strict press sets
up to
3 (strict) + (1 push) @ 4 plates (so roughly 91 kg)
3 @ 5 plates (ca. 111 kg)

3 circus dumbbell.
Handles apparently weighs between 4-5 kg. Let’s call it 4 kg.
Up to
1 @ 44 kg with both hands
1 @ 54 kg with the right
2 @ 59 kg with the right

I am happy with my purchases.

It goes without saying that I am not happy with how this training week wrapped up. Or how this weekend went. I’ll try to just close the chapter so to say, have a very light training week and then one more heavy week, which I’ll rock! Then another light week and then the final block before comps.


I agree, I almost hate to use “CNS fatigue” because of the knuckle heads who post about it, but t seems like that’s what you’ve got.

Good job with the Dumbbell, you’re showing that thing who’s boss!

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I know exactly what you’re talking about which is why I don’t bring it up often myself.
Plus with all my health issues it’s just damn hard to know why exactly I feel shit or feel drained or feel pain… you get the idea. Which makes it super difficult to listen to my body even if I want to.

Thanks man! With a little practise, it could be a good event for me. Sadly it is very very rarely featured in our league.

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@Koestrizer How often do you train? How often do you either go to failure or really push the intensity? I.e., singles/triples that aren’t easy? I think I know the CNS-fatigue thread you are talking about, but there is a decent thread in CTs subforum on stimulus addiction, and it might be worth browsing through.

There it’s more in the lines of exercising daily, but if one allows oneself to look at it through a less narrow lens I believe one might be able to identify if one is pushing too hard. Another related observation along this tangent is something I read from Wendler,

While many will not admit it, training three days a week is probably a better option. However, too many people feel they need to train more to satisfy some emotional issue. I have no desire to fill the emotional needs of a lifter if progress is sacrificed. So if you are constantly having issues with training four days a week, it is time to change.

Or in Paul Kelso’s book,

Master powerlifters break for as much as ten days between intense, heavy squat or deadlift days)

Or (in reference to full-body style workouts)

Train no more than three days in a week with full body routines. I personally find that as the weights get heavier over several months during a cycle, I must cut back to fe workouts in two weeks and eventually to twice a week. Several times I have taken the heavy end of a general training cycle through three or four more weeks by dropping to three workouts in two weeks.

4 times a week right now. Once the comp season starts, I’ll likely turn it down to 3 times. I did that last season and I think it benefitted me. Plus I’ll try to play tennis weekly once the weather gets better.

Only when my program tells me to. Which is every two weeks as of late. If I am on a different program I very rarely go to real failure. Singles, doubles and triples are offen featured but not necessarily super difficult.

I wasn’t even aware of a specific thread actually :smiley: it is just a very reacurring topic for a specific group of individuals which is why it doesn’t surprise me that you can immediately come up with a thread.

I’ll have a look at the recommended thread in CT’s subforum. Thanks for the suggestion.

This is the one What to Do When You Don't Want to Rest?

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@MarkKO you’re the powerlifter here, so you might be able to help me out here: In two weeks I’ll finish the program and they finish with a new max/ heavy single. The program has specific weights it wants me to hit but I’m not sure if I’m gonna bei able to do that and if so, how I should pick my attempts.
Here is what is programmed first:
Squat: 195 kg (best right now is 2 x 1 with 187,5 kg)
Push Press: 135 kg (best rn is 3 x 127,5 kg)
Deadlift: 227,5 kg (beste are 210 kg from the start of the program or 200 kg x 3)
Bench: 130 kg (best rn is 120 kg)

I am confident in the push press. I was thinking 100 - 110 - 120 - 127,5 - 135 kg for my way up there.
The squat I’d say is possible (?) but very hard. Here we have different possibilities for attempts.

  1. 140 - 160 - 180 - 190 - 195 this would give me at least a small PR, should I fail.
  2. 140 - 160 - 175 - 185 - 195. This is kind of all or nothing.

The deadlift is out of reach. I am not sure what is gonna be there. 215? 220 would be nice.

  1. 160 - 180 - 200 - 210 - 215/220
  2. 150 - 170 - 190 - 210 - 215/220
  3. 150 - 175 - 195 - 215

Well the bench is going backwards atm so even though I have done 130 kg in the past, that’s not gonna happen.
100 - 110 - 120 - 125
95 - 105 - 115 - 125

Any thoughts?

Way too many warmups. The jumps are too small. You’ll end up tired by the time you reach your working weight.

Bar, 60, 100, 140, 170, 195.

Bar, 60, 80, 100, 120, 130

Bar, 60, 100, 140, 180, 210

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Color me surprised! Didn’t expect that recommendation.

I always fear if I take big jumps, the weight is gonna feel super heavy in my hands/ on my back ans I’ll lack confidence.
But I do understand your reasoning.

I take it you are not in favor of safety attempts? Or do you have that confidence because you read/ watched closely and still think I can pull it off? :grin:
Same question for the deadlift with 210 instead of something higher.


Steady state cardio n stationary bike
25 minutes - easy pace.

Time to bring back the cardio and even more important the conditioning! Also I am too fat for my liking as of late.

Dancing is a great glute med activator. If you struggle with those muscles I advice Blues dancing. Well of course it might just be because of my own (fabulous) dancing style.

My take is if you need a safety attempt you shouldn’t be attempting it. You don’t attempt a weight unless you know you’ll get it.

Bottom line, if you lack confidence you will miss. So if you go in convinced 227.5 is too heavy on the deadlift, don’t take anything close to it. Take something you know you’ll get. Same for the other lifts.

Same with big jumps. As long as you’re prepared and warmed up, you can take larger jumps. By the time you’re on your second or third warmup (with the first being the bar) you shouldn’t feel stiff or slow or in need of more warmups. If you want more warmup reps, do them with the bar or a plate, no more.

The only difference would be meet day, between your second and third attempt. Then the jump is small because your second was close to a max anyway.

Good points and very true about the attempt selection. Still very different from how I have done it thus far (in regards to the jumps). Let’s see how it goes

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1 squat (no equipment)
5 x 3 @ 100 kg (135 kg was programmed)

2 yoke
3 x 1 lane @ 215 kg (as programmed)

3 Inversion table


  • Had a job interview for a promising job (at least for the near future) today. It went very well and I’m in the next round so to speak (the guy repeated 5 times how good his impression of me is and that if it was solely his call, I’d get the job). Still feel like shit. Not a trace of happiness or accomplishment.
  • Back felt the best it has the last couple of weeks today. Let’s hope it is a trend.
  • very quick and light training. Felt good and appreciate. I think it was a good call to stay at 100 kg. Not that 135 would’ve been a problem but 100 kg served the purpose

This is okay, but I take it your own apathy in the situation is causing you angst?

This isn’t as okay.

I read this as betraying some positivity/excitement/elatedness on your part, maybe I’m misinterpreting but if not I’m happy some observation of yours is giving you mental relief.

“Happiness” might just be one of the most dangerous words in any vocabulary.

My own apathy in any situation, really. Not having access/ having very limited and selective access to your emotions is… well dull. Experiencing emotions is a basic part of being human and I am kind of in awe (this time I am using that on purpose) when I observe other humans do it. This is could actually be a very, very long abstract but I am talking about that a lot with a team of specialists atm so I am not sure if I have the energy rn to go into detail on here.

It is more of an observation to be honest but still a positive development.

For sure one of the most abstract ones!

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Had a physio appointment today. Clinic set me up with their physio. He suspects my back issues to stem from a degenerative disc issue. I have thought about it as well before.
He said the worst thing to so would be to stop training as that is the reason I have so little issues in his opinion.
Wether or not it is a disc issue hardly matters besides the scary term that is feared among athletes. Rehab is rehab, injury is injury. Without an MRI there is no way of knowing and If I actually had an MRI it wouldn’t change the course.
So I won’t freak about it and keep going as it seemingly is getting better a lot atm.

I feel very sick today (nauseous, dizzy when I move, sudden changes in body temperature) so I won’t train today. If it is a one off, I can combine workouts later in the week. If I end up getting sick, I can skip them this week.



1a deadlift (no belt)
5 x 3 @ 140 kg (-17,5 kg from program)

1b push press
5 x 3 @ 97,5 kg (as programmed)

Sub 60 second rest in between.

2a paused bench press
5 x 3 @ 90 kg (as programmed)

2b face pulls
5 x 15

No rest at all in between.


  • decided to pack everything in one session. That way I get additional rest days. If I feel good, I’d like to start Sunday with my max sessions because I have unlimited time, sleep and food options.
  • felt better today. Neausea etc. was gone. Just very tired but that’s standard.
  • I think I felt the build up fatigue, stress and what not. Everything felt slow and heavy. Hopefully I’ll catch up on sleep over the next days and have a kicking max out week!
  • I generally use no equipment during such light/ deload workouts but today I used my belt for push presses and in retrospect I wish I would’ve used my elbow sleeves as well. See

Okay I just got my latest blood results and there is a lot to unpack about it. I am currently angry, confused and anxious. If you don’t want to read about my rant and my blood results, feel free to skip this post. If you can help me interpret this stuff, I’d greatly appreciate it.

First off the attending physician of the clinic couldn’t explain shit to me because a) she doesn’t really know anything about the topic which is why I made sure she would collect the doctor’s recommendation who originally put me on TRT and have him decide. Aaaaand b) her German is fucking terrible. She has super heavy Russian accent and I (and other patients) have to second guess every other word! For fucks sake she is also a therapist there! Thank god not mine though. Disclaimer because I am an angry German complaining about a foreigner: My Ex was born in Russia, my former therapist was Russian. I couldn’t care less but before accepting such a position make sure you speak the fucking language sufficiently!

So here are the things I can’t warp my head around:

  • the original lab test gave my test level as ng/ml. The latest result was presented in mg/l. That’s a difference of X * 1000! I can only assume that is a typo or otherwise my test is actually as close to zero as it gets.

  • the doctor said and I quote “your test level is now lower than before the trt treatment”, which is just not true! It was 3.15 ng/ml naturally and is now at 5.5 ng/ml (assuming a typo). The recommended range on the lab result is 8.9 - 42.6 which means I am still well under!

  • the doctor decided after consultating the doc who originally prescribed trt (at least she told me she talked to him on the phone, I have no idea if he saw the actual lab results or not) to stop the TRT treatment altogether. I have not received anymore testosterone gel even though they ordered it for me.

  • the only thing I could kind of interpret from her try at explaining the reasoning is that it had something to do with my natural production being limited (I suggested the term natural production, so not sure here but she confirmed that’s what she wanted to say). So what I don’t get is: My natural production was not sufficient in the first place, is not high enough with external hormons and still is supposed to now go handle things on it’s own again?!

  • largely unrelated to the trt: The dosage of my anti depressants was raised over two weeks ago. I am now at or close to the max dosage one should take of that stuff. Yet the lab results show (according to her) that the drug concentration in my blood has actually gone down! Even though the intake was raised from 225 mg to 300 mg. She had no explanation. I will admit I am unsure if I took the medicine the day before or not. I worried about that all day but decided to not risk taking twice the amount. So it might have happened that I didn’t take them the day before they took blood. But for a medicine which work with a certain concentration in the blood instead of an effect after taking it, could that really make the difference?

What can I do on my own about this?
I will definitely try to get through to the doc who prescribed me trt on the phone and hope that he can help me understand the decisions made and erase my doubts or admit wrong doing.
I can ask the head doctor who visits us once a week (usually on Tuesday or Monday) about it.

So thanks for sticking with me and if you have any insights, I’d appreciate it. I’ll attach both lab results for reference.

I am happy to translate anything necessary. Freies Testosteron = free testosterone

I’d advise you to post in the T replacement subforum with your previous and current values. Hppefully someone from Germany hangs around there.

Sounds like an odd choice to discontinue treatment. And potentially dangerous. Also sounds like you metabolise stuff quick, thinking about your antidepressants. Have you noticed that with say alcohol or anything similar that you seem to become sober surprisingly quickly?

Absolutely. I can consume incredible amounts of alcohol. Last Sylvester for example I had about 8 beers and an entire bottle of jack daniels and was absolutely fine. Also had no hangover.