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Not Complaining, Just Asking Opinions


just curious as to what you guys would say to this...i'm not complaining as i know i can gain weight, i'm just asking opinions...

i'm 5'9" 175-180 lbs depending. my waist size is approximately 33-34 upon waking in the morning. if i eat even a light breakfast, my waist pops out to 36 inches. by the end of the day it will reach 36-38.

doesn't bother me at all personally, but it looks pretty stupid when i've got an otherwise fit looking body with a potbelly sticking ridiculously far out in anything but a sweatshirt (still 80+ degrees here, damnit).

now, with that said, you'd probably say ah you're just a f'ing weakling.

well, i might be somewhat, but i just finished rack pulling at knee level 585x3, i've narrow sumo stance deadlifted 495x5 almost 5 months ago, squatted 235x22 ATG, 350x5 parallel, with no straps or wraps/anything.

my point is, i lift HARD, i eat perfect, but anytime i try and gain some weight, my stomach balloons up to unnecessary proportions. maybe i'm all wrong and a 36-38 waist on an otherwise "low bodyfat" individual is perfectly normal for bulking, but i like to think something is wrong is that's true.


Yeah, you're getting paranoid a little early here dude. Your question isn't strength related, no need to rattle off numbers man. Mellow out.
If the buldge is mainly from food through the course of the day as you suggest, then it's not really an issue.

Do what you need to do to grow. Now you say you are low bodyfat and your profile reads 10-12%, so I am going to assume it isn't subcutaneous adipose tissue in abundance. The other two likely causes would be visceral adipose tissue, or a weak transverse abdominus.

Going by your food description and expansion through the day, I'd lean toawrds weak transverse abdominus. Part of it may also be postural, as that can emphasize the problem. Look it up and work on it.

Not the easiest area to work, being a very postural related muscle. Main suggestions are stomach vacuums, coupled with conscious control over your stomach and holding it in throughout the day. Read up on it.


Could be way off here but personally i think your measuring wrong - i really can't believe that you gain up to 5" every day!!
When you say you "eat perfect" elaborate - if your carb sensitive, what's normally understood to be a perfect diet could be your worse diet, etc.


whats a typical days grub??


i second transverse and postural weaknessess, but i gain about 5 lbs every day from food (obviously not to stay, back to normal by morning the next day)


I've always had a 'sensitive' stomache, in that it will distend fairly easily. Not as much as yours, but I';ve heard of a lot of folks like that. It's certainly not something to freak about. You sound like you've put in your gym time if your poundages are where they're at (assuming you're actually lifting them in a bodybuilding manner, not just throwing from point A to point B). As someone else said, I'm curious as to your diet.

I'm the same height as you, and usually weighing over 2 bills with a 33" waist max. Compared to most folks who train, my diet is downright perfect. I joke that I'm willing to do the inconvenient eating that most trainers won't. So although I won't call you out on bodyfat levels, I will say that I used to be strong as an ox without the size I currently have as well. SInce then I've learned A WHOLE LOT about nutrition.



typical day...

upon waking-
10g bcaa's

4 boiled eggs, 3 whites 1 whole
1 serving oats cooked w/ 1 serving lowfat milk
some blueberries or strawberries
1 scoop Grow! Whey
1 serving Rhodiola Rosea
2 orange triad multi's

1 can tuna
1 serving lowfat cottage cheese
1 serving natural pb
1/2 serving Biotest Superfood
2 servings fish oil

8-10 oz grilled chicken or turkey breast
1 spinach tortilla or 1 serving oats
1/2 serving Biotest Superfood
1 serving lowfat milk

1 scoop Grow! Whey
1 serving oats
2 orange triad multi's

pre workout
NO/Creatine mix (i know i know, but i like it for now)
2 blue up testosterone booster tabs
10g BCAA's

during workout
20-25g BCAA's

45-60g waxy maize starch
25-30g Grow! Whey

12-16 oz sirloin
1 serving oats
2 servings broccoli

2 servings lowfat cottage cheese
2 servings fish oil


i'd be happy to take the measurements with pictures. obviously there'd be no proof besides my word that they are on the same day, but what do i have to prove by lying?


I used to have an issue slightly similar to yours. After my post-workout meal, which was mostly just fruit, oats, and protein powder mixed, my pants would be very tight. When I started the Anabolic Diet, thereby dropping the oats, I never had this issue again.

My suggestion is to drop the oats and milk from your breakfast for a week (any oats at all, actually), and see if it still happens. Grains and dairy can give people digestive problems, so the combination could be difficult for your body to handle.


pictures might help


i dont see how he could have a weak transverse or postural problems with those lifts.. seems pretty solid.


This guy has a full stomach and this thread goes beyond that?


who the fuck worries about this shit?
Line up your diet. Keep a training log. Throw away tape measures and scales.


Burn your bras!