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Not CNN and Certainly Not Fox!


One of the most annoying things moving to America is the lack of good news media. Luckly the BBC streams over the internet. Here is a report you'd never see on Fox.



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How are they not objective? At least they aren't sensationalist propaganda mongers. They aren't under a government yoke either, I mean what do want? Just because they criticised the war in Iraq they must be lying? I know you didn't watch the report either because you replied too soon. How about a discussion of that and not mud slinging which can never be won?


Please go home to enjoy your 'unbiased' news sources more closely!!



Is this the same BBC that refused to refer to the London bombers as terrorists?

What a fucking joke. All media is biased. The BBC is notoriously left leaning and has been as long as I remember.


I spent the whole autumn watching reports about the London 'terror attacks' so I dunno where you got that from! As for left leaning, hmm, that depends on the journalist. As Jeremy Paxman said when asked about his notorious bullying of polliticians during interviews 'Labour and the United States both have very specific messages to give, I'm not about to part of either'. Anyway, by American standards even our conservatives are left leaning! By our standards the American left wing is hardly even centre.


Don't be so xenophobic. If you have something to say about the report say it, as such this is just the usual bollocks of 'ooh, what are your sources like, oh my god!' Its a good report if you care to watch it, or maye you did and its a threat to your mindset so you lash out. Happens a lot I find.


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uhm, Zap? since when do you see ANY news source that's not conservative as hell as anything BUT "left-leaning"? :wink:


They all lean one way or another. To see any media as completely objective is naive at best.

Pretending the BBC is neutral is as silly as pretending FoxNews is neutral.


You wouln't be able to recognise objective if it bit you in the ass.
You just want to remain ignorant and stupid and use that as an excuse.


When are you getting out of Iraq?


We can't expect complete and absolute objectivity. We can expect them to TRY to be objective however. And the BBC is succeeding there.
CNN isn't, and Fox is failing miserably.


The fact you think the BBC trying just means you agree with them.

None of them are objective. They don't even try.

People used to laugh at the BBC for being biased before Fox came along and showed them how it was really done.


Fox is out and out propaganda, I don't watch that BS. It's Kool Aid for the true believers 95% of the time, with idiots like Hannity and Coulter leading the charge. But the BBC is only a step, or maybe a half step, more objective. Just a different side of the same coin.


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