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Not Bad for an Old Guy


I'm a police officer, and every once in a while on this job you get an impromptu fitness test. The other day, I was involved in a foot pursuit of a robbery suspect. Chases like this normally last 30 seconds or so because help arrives almost instantly. Unfortunately, this time, I was on my own. I chased this kid (20 years old/5'11"/160 lbs) down in a distance of over 3/10 of a mile and had plenty of gas left to wrestle him into a pair of handcuffs.

I'm 37, 5'10", 190 lbs., plus about 25 lbs of gear on my belt. You just can't put a price on being in shape. I hope all of you "old guys" can appreciate this story.


Whoa... go easy with the "old" stuff there gramps. I'm only one year younger :wink:


Old? I do hope you're being facetious. 37 is barely hitting your prime. Good job on the run-down and thanks for putting yourself out there for us.


That's cool, but I have to agree with ~karma~. 37 isn't that old. You got me by 2-3 years and I don't think I would have a problem with that. But then again, I'm with you. I use "gear" too. But usually I don't carry 25lbs of it with me. I keep it in little vials.



Wouldn't have caught me. Cops over here are either slow or I'm just fast...I'm going on the fast part.


Oh jesus Hilltop...You just showed how incredibly stupid and ignorant you are. Thanks.


Sounds like you have a lot of experience running from the police? Have you appeared on Cops at all? I love that show.



Sarge, good job on catching the bastard and your not old (I'm 34).

In the spirit of your thread my Dad is 62 and went through treatment for prostate cancer that ended in April. He has always worked out doing a mix of cardio and weight training.

This past Saturday we did a five mile hike into and then out of the area we will be elk hunting in Sep. We were wearing light day packs my dads was probably around thirty pounds mine twenty and my buddy Tommy who is forty and is also in solid physical shape was with us who was carrying at least a fifty pound pack.

Me and Tommy would get a little winded on the steep slopes and although we made it fine we were both highly impressed by my dad. He wouldn't even get winded on these inclines and hardly broke a sweat or raised his breathing level.

There isn't a person, I can think of twenty years younger then my dad who, I would rather be with in a critical situation in the mountains. I hope to be in half the shape he is when I am his age.

Hopefully he'll pack the hindquarters out if were lucky in Sep. and leave the front quarters and tenderloin for me to pack. (jk)


50 year old cop here although mostly riding a desk these days. Last foot chase I had, the kid smoked me for about 100 yards then burned out. Nothing better than that feeling when they look over their shoulder and see you gaining on them. Then BAM! Stamina and a stubborn attitude have carried me far in this career just as it does in the gym.


Nice job! I got that look too. After 16 years, I still love a good chase.


Good work Sarge. It always does my heart good to hear stuff like this. I am 55 and yesterday I outtrained my 38yr old training partner.
Thanks for all the good work you and other officers do.


omg omg you called me stupid and ignorant, could I have been kidding I don't know...Yeah I have had a lot of experience running from cops, kidding the only time I have ran from a cop was when I was little and the cop was my cousin and I ran away from home.

By the way good job and catching him, I'm glad there is actual cops that don't eat all day and are actually in shape unlike the cops around here that couldn't outrun a tortus.


60 years old, 5'8", 185, 32" waist, 9% bodyfat.

37 old? Not likely son. Lol!


HOLY COW! Am I seeing what I think I am?

Great to see your handle pop up.


Hi Karma. It's been a while hasn't it? You're about the only name I recognized while passing through. Hope things are going nicely for you!


37 is not old, especially if you take care of yourself. Good story though.

My husband's uncle is 70 and does triathlons. I have heard of more than one niece or nephew try and join him on his evening run and not be able to keep up. I would never guess him or his wife to be a day over 50 either.


As you can all see, age is just a number.


Good job!

I've seen plenty of young people at work, college age, who think 25 is old! So I'm afraid no matter what your attitude or physical condition, don't worry, yer old to somebody!

I think a lot of people just think anyone who is ten years or one major landmark over the next one they're facing is the definition of old. Like, if you're 18, then 20 isn 't old, but 25 is. If you're 25, then 30 isn't old, but 35 probably is.


Hey Avoids,

I have been posting again after a long layoff as well. Nice to see you are still out there. Hope your herd is still doing well.

Whatever happenned to Pat, Ko, Michelle?


Wow! That's a real blast from the past.

Avoids Roids back again? How about that. You old bastard!