Not As Strong During Weight Loss?

Background: lifting 1.5 years, bulked with too much fat/unclean foods, now cleaned up.


monday: Waterbury method day 1
tuesday: sprints
wednesday: off
thursday: Waterbury method day 3
friday: sprints
sat-sun: off

Should I expect to not be able to lift as much?

[quote]SpadeK wrote:

Should I expect to not be able to lift as much?


You only lift twice a week? You shouldn’t expect to lift that much in the first place.


Most people can actually maintain or increase their strength just a bit while cutting. I honestly don’t know if you might be able to though since you are only working out 2 days a week…no disrespect bro…

If you are eating better food and only lifting twice a week you should be able to increase your weight lifted. Only lifting twice a week should allow for a very complete recovery between sessions.

If you get into the single digit bodyfat you may lose a little strength due to the de-solidifying of your body from the fat loss, but it will be minimal.

Interesting to see if you gain strength on your legs are much as your upperbody with 2 days of sprints in there.

Good Luck with your program.